Governor of Ascension
Coat of arms of Ascension
Nigel Phillips
since 13 August 2022
StyleHis Excellency
AppointerMonarch of the United Kingdom
Term lengthat His Majesty's pleasure
First holderAndrew Gurr

The Governor of Ascension is the representative of the monarch in Ascension Island, a constituent part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. He is appointed by the monarch on the advice of the British government, his role is to act as the de facto head of state.

Prior to 2009, Ascension Island was a dependency of Saint Helena and therefore directly represented by the Governor of Saint Helena. The St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Constitution Order 2009 made Saint Helena, Ascension Island, and Tristan da Cunha, equal constituent parts of the territory with their own governments and established the position of Governor of Ascension.[1]

Governors from 2009 to present

Per section 143 of the Constitution Order, the persons appointed as Governor of Saint Helena are ex officio also Governor of Ascension.

Recent officeholders:

Administrators, from 1964 to present

However, as Ascension Island is 809 miles (1,302 km) away from Saint Helena, an administrator is appointed to act as the Governor's representative on the island specifically. This arrangement predates the current constitutional structure and the first administrator was appointed in 1942.

Here is a list of them since 1964, if not 1942, formally referred to as "His / Her Honour".

Resident-magistrates, from 1922 to 1964

Commandants, 1815–1922


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