Gow crater
Gow Lake - Landsat OLI 37
Impact crater/structure
Diameter5 kilometres (3 mi)
Age< 250 million years old (Triassic)
Coordinates56°27′5″N 104°28′5″W / 56.45139°N 104.46806°W / 56.45139; -104.46806Coordinates: 56°27′5″N 104°28′5″W / 56.45139°N 104.46806°W / 56.45139; -104.46806
Gow crater
Gow crater
Location of the Gow crater in Saskatchewan

Gow is an impact crater in Saskatchewan, Canada.

It is 5 km (3 mi) in diameter and the age is estimated to be less than 250 million years (Triassic or later). The crater contains a classic crater lake with an island (Calder Island) formed by the central uplift.[1][2] It is the smallest known crater in Canada with an uplift structure.[3]

The larger Deep Bay crater, of Cretaceous age, is approximately 90 km east of Gow crater.


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