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  Verts/Grüne: 13 seats
  PS/SP: 20 seats
  CSPO: 8 seats
  PDC/CVP: 40 seats
  PLR/FDP: 27 seats
  UDC/SVP: 22 seats

The Grand Council of Valais (French: Grand Conseil du Valais) (German: Grosser Rat) is the legislature of the canton of Valais, in Switzerland. Valais has a unicameral legislature.

Electoral system

Members of the Grand Council of Valais are elected every four years. The Grand Council has 130 seats, elected through six multi-member constituencies via open-list proportional representation and preferential voting.

An additional 130 "substitute members" are elected, on separate lists, whose role it is to replace members who cannot make it to the meetings of the Grand Council.

2021 election

In the last election, on 7 March 2021, the Christian Democratic People's Party (PDC/CVP), which has been in power since 1857, remained the largest party, but with a historically low number of seats. The Green Party and the Social Democratic Party (PS/SP), which allied with the Christian Social Party (PCS) in Romand Valais and with the Greens in Upper Valais, gained several seats.

The classical liberal FDP.The Liberals and the national conservative Swiss People's Party remained the second- and third-largest parties, respectively.

Summary of the 7 March 2021 Valais parliamentary election results
Party Ideology Seats Seats ±
Christian Democratic People's Party (PDC/CVP) Christian democracy 48 –7
Christian Democratic Party of Romand Valais (PDCVr) 27 –5
Christian Democratic People's Party of Upper Valais (CSPO) 13 ±0
Christian Social People's Party of Upper Valais (CVPO) 8 –2
FDP.The Liberals (PLR/FDP) Classical liberalism 27 +1
Swiss People's Party (UDC/SVP) National conservatism 22 –1
Democratic Union of the Centre of Romand Valais (UDCVr) 15 –1
Swiss People's Party of Upper Valais (SVPO) 7 ±0
Social Democratic Party (PS/SP) and Citizen's Left Social democracy 21 +3
Socialist Party of Romand Valais (PSVr) 12 +3
Centre-Left - PCS (PCS) 4 ±0
Social Democratic Party of Upper Valais (SPO) 3 –1
Entremont Differently (EA) 1 ±0
Green Party (GPS)1 1 +1
Green Party (PES)1 Green politics 12 +4
Total (turnout 59.52%) 130
Source: Canton of Valais

1 The Green Party won 12 seats on separate lists in Romand Valais and 1 seat on a Social Democratic List in Upper Valais.