Green Party
Зелена странка
Zelena stranka
LeaderGoran Čabradi
Secretary-GeneralNataša Pjevac
Dissolved26 June 2021
Merged intoAlliance 90/Greens of Serbia
HeadquartersNovi Sad, Serbia
Political positionCenter-left

The Green Party (Serbian: Зелена странка, romanizedZelena stranka; abbr. ЗС, ZS) was a political party in Serbia, based in Novi Sad. The party also represented the Slovak minority in Serbia.[2]


The party was established in 2014. In the 2016 parliamentary elections it won one seat in National Assembly,[3] one seat in AP Vojvodina Assembly and seats in thirteen other city and municipal assemblies.[4]

During the 2020 parliamentary elections it was part of "Let the masks fall" coalition together, but failed to win a seat in the National Assembly.


# President Born-Died Term start Term end
1 Goran Čabradi
1968– 2014 26 June 2021

Election history

Year Leader Votes % Seats +/– Coalition Status
2016 Goran Čabradi 23,890 0.63%
1 / 250
Increase 1 - Opposition
2020 7,805 0.24%
0 / 250
Decrease 1 With Nova Extraparliamentary


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