Green Party of Fiji
IdeologyGreen politics
Ecological wisdom
Social Justice
Participatory Democracy

The Green Party of Fiji was a political party in Fiji. The party was formed in November 2008 by former interim regime Cabinet Minister Bernadette Ganilau.[1] Like other green parties, the party followed principles of "ecological wisdom, social justice and non-violence, participatory democracy and sustainability".[2]

The party was registered with the Fiji Elections Office.[citation needed]

In January 2013 the military-backed regime promulgated new regulations governing the registration of political parties, requiring all parties to have at least 5,000 members. All existing parties had to re-register under the new regulations.[3] The party was not one of the two to re-register,[4] and as a result was wound up and its assets forfeited to the state.[5]


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