Griot served with bannann peze and pikliz
Place of originHaiti
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsPork shoulder, citrus, scotch bonnet peppers
Similar dishesCarnitas

Griot (French: Griot, Haitian Creole: Griyo) is a dish in Haitian cuisine. It consists of pork shoulder marinated in citrus, which is braised and then fried. It is commonly served at parties.[1] Griot along with diri ak pwa wouj (red beans and rice) is considered by some to be Haiti's "national dish."[2][3]


Griot may also be spelled griyo, or grillots.[1]


Griot is usually made from pork shoulder. The meat is first washed in a mixture of citrus juices, then rinsed. Meat should always be washed; sour oranges or limes are used instead of water since clean water is often difficult to access.[4] After being washed, the meat is marinated in epis, which is a mixture of Haitian herbs, vegetables, and spices. Next, the meat is either braised or roasted until tender. The cooking liquid produced is used in the preparation of an accompanying sauce, known as sòs ti-malis.[5] Finally, the meat is deep-fried until golden-brown and crispy. Griot is almost always served with pikliz as well as rice or bannann peze.

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