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The Gruppenliga (English: Football Group League) is the seventh tier of football in the German state of Hesse. The Gruppenligas were established in 2008, replacing the Bezirksoberligas in the state. Below the Gruppenligas sit the Kreisoberligas in Hesse.[1][2]


The Gruppenligas:

League Promotion to Relegation to
Gruppenliga Fulda Verbandsliga Hessen-Nord Kreisoberliga
Gruppenliga Kassel 1
Gruppenliga Kassel 2
Gruppenliga Gießen/Marburg Verbandsliga Hessen-Mitte
Gruppenliga Wiesbaden
Gruppenliga Darmstadt Verbandsliga Hessen-Süd
Gruppenliga Frankfurt-West
Gruppenliga Frankfurt-Ost


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