Province of Haemimontus
Provincia Haemimonti
ἐπαρχία Αἱμίμοντος
Province of the Roman Empire
c. 293 – 640s
Dioecesis Thraciae 400 AD.png

Haemimontus within the Diocese of Thrace c. 400.
Historical eraLate Antiquity
• Diocletian's provincial reforms
c. 293
• Thematic reforms
Succeeded by
Theme of Thrace
Today part ofBulgaria

Haemimontus (Greek: ἐπαρχία Αἱμίμοντος) was a late Roman and early Byzantine province, situated in northeastern Thrace.[1] It was subordinate to the Diocese of Thrace and to the praetorian prefecture of the East. Its capital was Adrianople, and it was headed by a praeses. The province was superseded by the Theme of Thrace during the 7th century, but survived as an Orthodox ecclesiastical metropolis until late Byzantine times.


Hemimont Plateau in Graham Land, Antarctica is named after the province.[2]


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