Hanne Hiob (12 March 1923 – 23 June 2009) was a German actress.

Life and career

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Hiob was born as Hanne Marianne Brecht in Munich, the daughter of the writer Bertolt Brecht by his wife, opera singer and actress Marianne Zoff (1893-1984).[1][2] In February 1928, Zoff had a daughter, Ursula Lingen, by German actor Theo Lingen. In September 1928, Brecht and Zoff divorced; Zoff married Lingen later that year. Hanne Brecht later married Joachim Hiob.[citation needed]

Hanne grew up with her mother and Theo Lingen, and Lingen was able to protect his wife, who was classified as a half-Jew under the Nazi-regime, and his daughter from persecution.[citation needed]

Hanne Brecht studied dance at the Vienna State Opera and worked as a dancer and an actress in Salzburg, Austria. Among other parts, she played the leading role in Brecht's Señora Carrar's Rifles and in 1959 in Saint Joan of the Stockyards under the direction of Gustaf Gründgens. She performed in Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna and Berlin.[citation needed]

She retired from the stage in 1976 but remained active reading Brecht works and participating in street theater projects such as the Anachronistic Train. Hiob received the Aachen Peace Prize in 2005.[citation needed]


Hanne Hiob died in Munich, aged 86, from undisclosed causes.[3]






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