Hany Adel
Hany Adel

(1976-09-08) September 8, 1976 (age 45)
OccupationSinger ، guitarist

Hany Adel (Arabic: هاني عادل; born September 8, 1976) is an Egyptian guitarist, vocalist, and screen actor. He was born September 8, 1976 and is the founding member of the Arabic language band Wust El-Balad.[1] He has also played significant supporting roles in a number of contemporary Egyptian films dealing with controversial social and political issues facing Arab society. These films include Microphone (2010), a film about Egypt's culture wars, Asmaa (2011) about a woman living in Cairo with HIV/AIDS,[2] the 2013 film Fatat El Masnaa ("Factory Girl") about gender and class discrimination in modern Egyptian society and the movie Ishtibak ("Clash") set after the political events of June 2013.


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