Heilongjiang International University
PresidentDeng Zhongxing
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese黑龙江外国语学院
Traditional Chinese黑龍江外國語學院

Heilongjiang International University (Chinese: 黑龙江外国语学院), formerly known as Star College of Harbin Normal University is a university located in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China.[1][2]

Heilongjiang International University is situated in Jiangbei, north of the city centre. It developed from a small language college but now has expanded to close to 12,000 students.[3] It offers a range of majors including Business, English, Chinese, Art and Modern Technology. Unique part of the university is the large number of foreign teachers who are typically a cosmopolitan bunch from many different countries.

Heilongjiang International University has a special affiliation with the London Southbank University.

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