Special:AllPages is a special page which shows an alphabetical index of all pages in a given namespace. Articles (also called mainspace) is the default namespace.

Pages cannot start with a lowercase letter but they can start with many special characters which may be listed before or after letters. Some articles like eBay use a certain method to display lowercase 'e' on the article page but the real title "EBay" is listed at Special:AllPages/EBay.

Redirects are shown in italics. Registered users can hide redirects by saving .allpagesredirect {display:none;} in your CSS. Some articles like Titanic (1997 film) show italics at top of their page but not at Special:AllPages/Titanic (1997 film). Italics always means a redirect in Special:AllPages.

Click "Next page" or "Previous page" at the top or bottom to see more entries. Each page has 345 entries.

The English Wikipedia has 6,836,730 articles as of June 2024. Special:Search is a more practical way to find pages for most purposes. See Help:Searching for search features, including how to limit a search to a specific prefix and selected namespaces.

The field "Display pages ending at:" is only useful when used together with "Display pages starting at:". Otherwise the list starts at the beginning of all pages and you may have to click "Next page" thousands of times to reach the chosen end page. As of January 2024, the final page is the redirect 􏿿, the last non-redirect is 🥺, and the last real article is 𝼝.

Special:AllPages is updated automatically by MediaWiki which powers Wikipedia. The entries can only be changed by changing the names of the actual pages. Deleted pages are not listed.

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