The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia (Serbian: Helsinški odbor za ljudska prava u Srbiji) is a volunteer, non-profit organization concerned with human rights issues in Serbia. It was formed in September 1994 as one of many national Helsinki Committees for Human Rights formerly organized into the now-defunct International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. The Committee has its main office in Belgrade, Serbia.

In its mission statement, the Committee describes its approach as "different from those of other human rights organizations" in that it "examines the situation of human rights in Serbia against country's overall socioeconomic and political context" and "also provides relevant recommendations" for policies.[1] The organization has spoken out against fascism in Serbia and criticises Serbia's role in the region, among other things.[2][3] The Committee's work has been described as fundamental to the process of dealing with Serbia's recent past and ongoing European integration.[4]

Areas of activity

The organization has six strategic areas of activity:[1]

Notable members


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