Hi Opie!
Hi Opie! logo.png
Created byBarbara Slade
Written byKate Barris, Miklos Perlus, Eric Curtin, Patrick Granleese, Diana Moore, John Slama, Barbara Slade, Hayley Solman, James Backshall, Anthony Teles, Andrew Mullins, Lawrence S. Mirkin, Michael T. Foley, Dave Dias
Directed bySeason 2: Lowell Dean, Jason Hopley, Lawrence S. Mirkin, Wayne Moss. Season 1: Phil McCordic
StarringJordan Lockhart
Country of originCanada
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes26 (78 segments)
Executive producers
Mark J.W. Bishop
Matt Hornburg, Barbara Slade, Marie McCann, Halle Stanford
ProducersLarry Mirkin, Patricia Ellingson, Kate Barris, Miklos Perlus, Lowell Dean, Sharon Summerling, Marie McCann, Halle Stanford, Barbara Slade
EditorMark Achtenberg
Running time7 minutes
Production companymarblemedia
The Jim Henson Company
Original networkTVO Kids
Picture format16:9 (HDTV)
Original release1 September 2014 (2014-09-01) –
25 September 2015 (2015-09-25)

Hi Opie! is a Canadian preschool show that premiered on September 1, 2014 on TVOKids and also airs on Knowledge Network and City Saskatchewan.

The series was renewed in 2015 for a second season.[1] Season 2 began airing September 7, 2015 on TVO and City. It premiered on Knowledge Network on September 28, 2015.

The first season was formerly available on Netflix in North America.


Hi Opie! is a live-action preschool series that follows the social, emotional and intellectual escapades of 5-year-old Opie, a puppet who is the "new kid" in a kindergarten class. Each story contains a simple lesson about personal growth, with a focus on the process of learning through play.[2] In March 2016, it was announced that a sequel series entitled Opie's Home began production in the summer of 2016 and was released in 2017.[3]


2015 YMA Awards of Excellence Hi Opie! - Nominated, All Genres, Ages 3–5 Category Nominated
2015 YMA Awards of Excellence Hi Opie! - Winner, Best Convergent Website Winner
2015 OVATION Awards Hi Opie! - Winner, Merit Award for "Hi Opie!: Positioning TVO for Back-to-School Success Winner
2015 Kidscreen Awards Hi Opie! - Best Preschool Non-Animated or Mixed Series Nominated
2015 iKids Award Hi Opie! - Winner, Best Website Preschool) Winner
2015 Golden Sheaf Awards Hi Opie! - Nominated, Children's and Youth Production Nominated
2015 ACE Awards Hi Opie! - Bronze, Best Use of Media Relations Under $50,000 for "Back-to-School with Hi Opie!" Bronze
2016 The Golden Sheaf Awards Hi Opie! - Nominated, Children's and Youth Production Nominated
2016 Prix Jeunesse Hi Opie! - Finalist, Up to 6: Fiction Finalist
2016 NHK Japan Prize Hi Opie!  - Finalist, Preschool Finalist
2016 Canadian Screen Awards Hi Opie! - Nominated, Best Pre-School Program or Series Nominated
2016 Canadian Screen Awards Hi Opie! - Nominated, Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program or Series for Jordan Lockhart Nominated
2017 Canadian Screen Awards Hi Opie! - Jordan Lockhart - Nominated for Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program Nominated


Season 1

# Title Directed By Written By
1"Opie the Special Helper"Phil McCordicKate Barris
2"Opie Tidies Up"Phil McCordicKate Barris
3"Opie Can't Decide"Phil McCordicKate Barris
4"A Special Show and Tell"Phil McCordicMiklos Perlus
5"Opie Makes Music"Phil McCordicKate Barris
6"Opie's Monster Day"Phil McCordicKate Barris
7"Better Than a Bandage"Phil McCordicMiklos Perlus
8"All by Myself"Phil McCordicErin Curtin
9"Opie's Rocket Fuel"Phil McCordicErin Curtin
10"Eco-Hero"Phil McCordicMiklos Perlus
11"Opie Knows It All"Phil McCordicMiklos Perlus
12"Backwards Day"Phil McCordicDiana Moore
13"Opie's Other Half"Phil McCordicDiana Moore
14"Opie's Trading Day"Phil McCordicPatrick Granleese
15"Opie's Big Performance"Phil McCordicPatrick Granleese
16"Opie's Gotta Go"Phil McCordicKate Barris
17"Stop Means Stop"Phil McCordicKate Barris
18"Anything I Can Do"Phil McCordicMiklos Perlus
19"Opie Sorts It Out"Phil McCordicKate Barris
20"Not Ms. Doney (Special Guest: Pay Chen)"Phil McCordicMiklos Perlus
21"Double Duty"Phil McCordicJohn Slama
22"The World's First Friendship Hat"Phil McCordicErin Curtin
23"Corinne's Mom"Phil McCordicJohn Slama
24"Opie's Hiccup Dance"Phil McCordicHayley Solman
25"Opie Tries Something New"Phil McCordicErin Curtin
26"Opie's Friend Benjamin"Phil McCordicKate Barris
27"The Case of the Sparkle Monster"Phil McCordicMiklos Perlus
28"Leaves Count!"Phil McCordicKate Barris
29"Opie Makes a Match"Phil McCordicPatrick Granleese
30"Opie Rocks (Special Guest: Jason Collett)"Phil McCordicKate Barris
31"Indoor Recess"Phil McCordicPatrick Granleese
32"Opie's Restaurant"Phil McCordicErin Curtin
33"Next Store Neighbors"Phil McCordicMiklos Perlus
34"Opie's Pirate Treasure"Phil McCordicErin Curtin
35"Dinosaurs for All"Phil McCordicKate Barris
36"Opie's Dilemma"Phil McCordicKate Barris
37"A Promise Is a Promise"Phil McCordicKate Barris
38"Opie Makes a Mistake"Phil McCordicKate Barris
39"Happily Ever After"Phil McCordicMiklos Perlus

Season 2

# Title Directed By Written By
1"Opie's Favourite Thing"Wayne MossMiklos Perlus
2"No Peeking Opie"Lawrence S. MirkinJames R. Backshall
3"Moving Blues"Wayne MossKate Barris
4"Opie Treasure Hunt"Wayne MossAnthony Teles and Andrew Mullins
5"Being Opie"Wayne MossKate Barris
6"Opie the Sandman"Wayne MossAnthony Teles and Andrew Mullins
7"Opie vs. the Volcano"Wayne MossErin Curtin
8"Opie Out of Lunch"Wayne MossLawrence S. Mirkin
9"Opie's Pet"Jason HopleyKate Barris
10"Brave Opie's"Wayne MossMichael T. Foley
11"Opie's Alien Teacher"Lowell DeanLawrence S. Mirkin
12"Cubby Clean Out"Wayne MossErin Curtin
13"Opie's Lady Bug Friend"Jason HopleyKate Barris
14"Opie'Power"Lowell DeanMiklos Perlus
15"Opie Keeps a Secret"Jason HopleyMichael T. Foley
16"Opie's Game"Wayne MossKate Barris
17"Sneezy Opie"Wayne MossAnthony Teles and Andrew Mullins
18"Opie's The Fastest"Wayne MossDave Dias
19"Hide Opie"Wayne MossKate Barris
20"Fire Drill Drill"Wayne MossMiklos Perlus
21"Opie's Mother Day Card"Jason HopleyJames R. Backshall
22"Opie The Reporter"Wayne MossMichael T. Foley
23"Opie's First Field Trip"Wayne MossKate Barris
24"Everybody Loves a Winner"Lawrence S. MirkinMiklos Perlus
25"Just a Whisper"Wayne MossMiklos Perlus
26"Opie's Rules (Special Guest: Pay Chen)"Wayne MossKate Barris
27"Baby Teacher"Jason HopleyKate Barris
28"Opie Gets Ideas"Jason HopleyJames R. Backshall
29"Opie's Not So Great Day"Wayne MossMiklos Perlus
30"Opie and the Magic Balloon"Jason HopleyJames R. Backshall
31"Opie Measures Up"Wayne MossKate Barris
32"Opie Adds Music"Jason HopleyKate Barris
33"Reading Buddies are Awesome"Wayne MossMiklos Perlus
34"Opie Does Nothing"Jason HopleyLawrence S. Mirkin
35"Opie The Leader"Wayne MossJames R. Backshall
36"Opie's Truth"Wayne MossKate Barris
37"Opie The Borrower"Jason HopleyJames R. Backshall
38"Opie Gets The Silent Treatment"Wayne MossKate Barris
39"Snow Day"Wayne MossKate Barris


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