High Plains Public Radio
HeadquartersGarden City, Kansas
BrandingHigh Plains Public Radio
FormatPublic radio; News, Classical music, Jazz
AffiliationsNational Public Radio
American Public Media
Public Radio International
OwnerKanza Society, Inc.
Launch dateJune 30, 1980 (1980-06-30)
WebcastListen Live

High Plains Public Radio is a network of public radio stations serving the High Plains region of western Kansas, the Texas Panhandle, the Oklahoma Panhandle and eastern Colorado. Operated by the Kanza Society, it is headquartered in Garden City, Kansas and operates an additional studio in Amarillo, Texas.


The Kanza Society was founded in 1977. The network's flagship station, KANZ (91.1 FM) in Garden City, signed on in 1980 from a studio at a converted elementary school in nearby Pierceville. Since then, HPPR has added eleven other full-power stations in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas, as well as low-powered translators in Kansas and Texas. Most of these areas had never been previously served by an NPR station.

HPPR's coverage area is made up mostly of rural areas and small towns; by far the largest urban center is Amarillo.

The network offers two HD Radio subchannels. HD1 is a simulcast of the analog signal's NPR/classical/jazz format. HD2 is "HPPR Connect," which provides an extended schedule of news programming. Both channels are streamed live on the Internet.


Call sign Frequency City of license State Class ERP
(m (ft))
FCC info Broadcast area
KCSE 90.7 FM Lamar Colorado A 4,000 113 m (371 ft) FCC [1]
KZNK 90.1 FM Brewster Kansas C1 90,000 305.4 m (1,002 ft) FCC [2]
KZCK 88.1 FM Colby Kansas A 2,000 109 m (358 ft) FCC [3]
KZNZ 91.5 FM Elkhart Kansas A 250 81 m (266 ft) FCC [4]
KANZ 91.1 FM Garden City Kansas C1 100,000 292.2 m (959 ft) FCC [5]
KZAN 91.7 FM Hays Kansas C3 7,500 114 m (374 ft) FCC [6]
KZNA 90.5 FM Hill City Kansas C1 100,000 201 m (659 ft) FCC [7]
KGUY 91.3 FM Guymon Oklahoma A 800 89 m (292 ft) FCC [8]
KJJP 105.7 FM Amarillo Texas C2 43,000 160 m (520 ft) FCC [9]
KTXP 91.5 FM Bushland Texas A 1,000 80 m (260 ft) FCC [10]
KTDH 89.3 FM Dalhart Texas A 500 104 m (341 ft) FCC [11]
KTOT 89.5 FM Spearman Texas C0 100,000 325 m (1,066 ft) FCC [12]

Low power translators

High Plains Public Radio also has low-powered repeaters throughout western Kansas, as well as the northern panhandle of Texas.

Call sign Frequency
City of license State Class ERP
(m (ft))
FCC info Rebroadcasts
K222BJ 92.3 Ashland Kansas D 250 85.7 m (281 ft) FCC KANZ
K237CN 95.3 Atwood Kansas D 250 60 m (200 ft) FCC KZNK
K242AK 96.3 Liberal Kansas D 250 72.7 m (239 ft) FCC KANZ
K242AP 96.3 St. Francis Kansas D 92 123 m (404 ft) FCC KZNK
K208CL 89.5 Tribune Kansas D 250 60.2 m (198 ft) FCC KANZ
K235AL 94.9 Amarillo Texas D 62 157 m (515 ft) FCC KTXP