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Highways Department
Agency overview
HeadquartersHo Man Tin Government Offices, 88 Chung Hau Street, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon
Employees2 510 (Mar 2022)[1]
Annual budgetHK$4,270 million (2022-23 FY)[1]
Agency executive
  • Chan Pai Ming Jimmy, from 20 Dec 2018[2], Director of Highways
Highways Department

Highways Department is a department of the Hong Kong Government responsible for developing Hong Kong's road and railway network as well as road maintenance.


The department was previously an office within the former Civil Engineering Department and became an independent department on 1 June 1986 due to the increasingly complex road network in Hong Kong.[3]

In 2024, it launched street signs with a new font to "infuse a strong cultural atmosphere into the community's landscape" to support the government's Task Force on District Governance, with the new font drawing criticism.[4]


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