In baseball statistics, hits per run (H/R), also known as hit conversion rate[1] (HCR) is the ratio between hits and runs scored. It is the average number of hits it takes to score a run. H/R is the measure of the effectiveness of hitting in scoring a run. Teams having a lower hits-to-run ratio would likely have a good offense and could be expected to win more games.

For example, the 1927 New York Yankees, who had a record of 110–44 and are considered one of the greatest teams in Major League Baseball (MLB) history,[2][3][4] had 1644 hits and scored 976 runs—a ratio of 1.68 hits per runs.[5] Conversely, the 1916 Philadelphia Athletics, who had a record of 36–117 and are considered one of the worst teams,[6] had 1212 hits and scored 447 runs—a ratio of 2.71 hits per run.[7]

Between 2008 and 2017, the average hits-to-run ratio in MLB (based on total hits and runs made by all teams during each regular season) varied between 1.87 (2017) and 2.08 (2013),[8] meaning that it generally takes MLB teams about two hits to score a run.


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