Khamti District

Khamti District
Khamti District
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 26°00′N 95°41′E / 26.000°N 95.683°E / 26.000; 95.683Coordinates: 26°00′N 95°41′E / 26.000°N 95.683°E / 26.000; 95.683
RegionSagaing Region
No. of Townships3
CapitalSingkaling Hkamti
Time zoneUTC+6.30 (MST)

Hkamti District or Khamti District (sometimes Naga Hills District[1]) is a district in northern Sagaing Division of Burma (Myanmar). Its administrative center is the town of Singkaling Hkamti.


Townships of Hkamti district
Townships of Hkamti district


The district consists of the two townships:

Prior to 2010,[2] it additionally controlled Lahe, Lay Shi (Lashe), and Nanyun townships, which were transferred under the 2008 Constitution[3] to the Naga Self-Administered Zone. The revised smaller district still has a significant minority Naga population.


Hkamti District is bordered[4] by:


Most people in Hkamti District practice subsistence farming. There is also a jade mine,[5] although most of the jade mining is nearby in Mohnyin District.[6]


The district is inhabited by the Khamti, Duleng (Kachin) and Nung Rawang people.


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