The Hochschwab range from the Schöckl
Highest point
Elevation2,277 m above sea level (AA)
Length40 km (25 mi)
Hochschwab is located in Austria
Location of the Hochschwab within the Eastern Alps
StateStyria, Austria
Range coordinates47°37′05″N 15°08′36″E / 47.61806°N 15.14333°E / 47.61806; 15.14333
Parent rangeNorthern Limestone Alps

The Hochschwab, Hochschwab Mountains, Hochschwab Alps or Hochschwab Group (German: Hochschwabgruppe) is a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps of Austria. The range is in the Styria. The highest peak is also called Hochschwab and is 2,277 metres above the Adriatic.


The mountain range is located in the eastern part of the Northern Alps in the Austrian state of Styria.

According to the Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps (AVE) the range is bounded as follows:

Großreifling – SalzaGußwerk – Wegscheid – Seeberg Saddle – Seegraben – Stübmingbach – Thörlbach to its confluence with the Mürz – Mürz to its confluence with the Mur – Mur to Leoben – Vordernberger Bach – PräbichlErzbachHieflauEnns to Großreifling[1]

It includes:

Customarily only the limestone alpine region is described as the Hochschwab Group.[2] The area classified systematically by the Alpine Clubs as the southern parts (along the significant orographic line of the valley), which have a completely different appearance, are known hereabouts as the Mürzsteg Alps or Mürz Hills (Mürzberge).

Alpine huts

The Schiestlhaus was the first passive house constructed in a high alpine setting.

Significant peaks


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