Hollywood Critics Association
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FounderScott Menzel
Scott Mantz
Ashley Menzel
PurposeFilm Critics
Scott Menzel
Formerly called
Los Angeles Online Fllm Critics Society

The Hollywood Critics Association (HCA) — formerly known, until 2019, as the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society (LAOFCS) — is a film critic organization in Los Angeles, California.

In August 2021, the HCA hosted their first 1st Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards. The HCA also has a film discussion podcast called "Film Critics Weekly" on the online broadcasting network, "Popcorn Talk", to further their goals of creating "a film critics group that would openly discuss film throughout the year, and not just during award season".[1]


It was founded in 2016 by Scott Menzel, Scott Mantz, and Ashley Menzel, after noting Los Angeles only had one film critic organization.[2] Its purpose is to be a critics group that is diverse and supports underrepresented voices[2] and they are the first critics group to separate directing honors by gender.[3] "There has been so much conversation about the power of female filmmakers and we wanted to embrace it," said Scott Mantz.[4]

In May 2021, The HCA announced that their inaugural 1st Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards will take place in person on Sunday, August 22, 2021, in Los Angeles, California, Ashley Menzel, stated: “Over these past fourteen months, many of us have been watching more television than ever before. This is why we are absolutely delighted that our first in-person event for 2021 will begin with a brand new event paying tribute to the best of television.”[5]


The board of directors and officers of the organization as of 2022 are:


To collect funds for Covid-19 recovery initiatives, the Hollywood Critics Association organized a Film & Television Triviathon.[6]

Film Award categories

Each December, the association releases the nominations for the HCA Film Awards, which are hosted in January of the following year. The inaugural film awards ceremony took place on January 10, 2018.[4]

Current Categories

Discontinued Categories

Honorary Awards

End of a Decade Awards

TV Award categories

The Hollywood Critics Association announced that they were launching the HCA TV Awards on March 24, 2021.[7] The inaugural TV awards ceremony took place on August 22, 2021.[8] The following is a list of the current and discontinued categories of the television awards as of 2022.[9]

Current Categories

Discontinued Categories

Honorary Awards

Award ceremonies


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