Hong Kong Institute of Architects
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Traditional Chinese香港建築師學會
Simplified Chinese香港建筑师学会

Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA, Chinese: 香港建築師學會) is a professional body for architects in Hong Kong with approximately 1500 full members, 300 associates members and graduate members.[1] It is an Allied Society of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and member of the International Union of Architects and the Commonwealth Association of Architects.[1]


Originally named the Hong Kong Society of Architects, it was formed on 3 September 1956 by 27 architects. It is recognized by the Royal Institute of British Architects as an Allied Society since 1957 and renamed to Hong Kong Institute of Architects in 1972.[1]


The professional post-nominals system of HKIA was introduced in 1972, members are entitled to use the post-nominals HKIA after their name, and describe themselves as "architect" or "Member of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects", while associates may describe themselves as "Associate of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects", no post-nominal or abbreviation is permitted.[1]


In 2020, HKIA has "skipped" its 64th anniversary on its social media for alleged political sensitivity (assimilation with the June 4th massacre) and went straight to celebrate its 65th anniversary which was due to take place in 2021.[2]

Past Presidents

Year Name
1956-1957 SU Gin Djih (徐敬直)
1958 WRIGHT Alec Michael John
1959 ROBINSON Harold Graham Fector
1960 SZETO Wai (司徒惠)
1961 GREGORY Wallace Gerard
1962-1963 DOVEY George Chadwick
1964 LEE Wei Kwong Edward
1965 ASTBURY Hugh Cedric
1966 KWOK Tun Li Stanley (郭敦禮)
1967 FITCH Alan
1968 ALVARES Alfred Victor Jorge
1969 CAMPBELL Ian James
1970 OUYANG Chao Leslie (歐陽昭)
1971-1972 PRESCOTT Jon Alfred (白自覺)
1973-1974 WONG Chack Sang Jackson (王澤生)
1975-1976 LEE King Fun Andrew (李景勳)
1977-1978 HSU Wo Teh William (徐和德)
1979-1980 LO Kwong Yiu Lawrence (羅光耀)
1981-1982 POON Cho Yiu Ronald (潘祖堯)
1983-1984 HO Sing Tin Edward (何承天)
1985-1986 WONG Edwin (黃漢威)
1987-1988 KINOSHITA James Hajime (木下一)
1989-1990 HAFFNER Christopher (夏扶禮)
1991-1992 POON Sing Chi Stephen (潘承梓)
1993-1994 LAU Wing Kwong Dennis (劉榮廣)
1995-1996 CHUNG Wah Nan (鍾華楠)
1997-1998 HO Tao (何 弢)
1999-2000 WILL Barry Fegan (韋栢利)
2001-2002 LAU Sau Shing Patrick (劉秀成)
2003 WONG Po Lung John (王寶龍)
2004 SHEN Edward (沈埃迪)
2005-2006 LIM Wan Fung Bernard V. (林雲峯)
2007-2008 LU Yuen Cheung Ronald (呂元祥)
2009-2010 KWONG Sum Yee Anna (鄺心怡)
2011-2012 LAM Kwong Ki Dominic (林光祺)
2013-2014 FUNG Yin Suen Ada (馮宜萱)
2015-2016 NG Wing Shun Anthony Vincent (吳永順)
2017-2018 CHEN Marvin (陳沐文)
2019-2020 LI Kwok Hing Felix (李國興)
2021-2022 Choi Wun Hing Donald (蔡宏興)
2023-2024 Chan Chak Bun Benny (陳澤斌)

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