Hong Lok Yuen
Traditional Chinese康樂園
Simplified Chinese康乐园
Literal meaningHappy healthy garden/leisure garden[1]
Panoramic view of Hong Lok Yuen with Tai Po and Tolo Harbour in the background
Panoramic view of Hong Lok Yuen with Tai Po and Tolo Harbour in the background

Hong Lok Yuen (Chinese: 康樂園) is a low-density luxury residential housing estate in Tai Po District, New Territories, Hong Kong, located near Cloudy Hill.

It is north of Tai Po Town.[1]


Hong Lok Yuen was previously an orchard owned by General Li Fulin.[2] It is reputed to have excellent feng shui.[3]

Hong Lok Yuen was approved for development in 1977 as a new garden estate.[4] Canadian Overseas Development and Clifford Wong Chun-fai [zh] (黃振輝) were the developers.[1] The developing company Hong Lok Yuen Property Co Ltd a joint venture between Wong, a well known architect, and Winpole International Ltd (永保國際有限公司) with Sun Hung Kai Properties also later participating in the development.[5] Hong Lok Yuen was sub-divided into a total of 1,196 units between 1980 and September 1993.[6]

The estate

The total area of the Hong Lok Yuen estate covers an area of 558,000 square meters, of which 40% is reserved for forests and parks. Most of the units are 1600-3500 sq ft two to three storey independent villas with garages and gardens.[7] Hong Lok Yuen is one of the few large-scale bungalow-style luxury residential areas in Hong Kong and has attracted many officials and artists as residents. There is a shopping centre, clubhouse and international school, International College Hong Kong, located in the estate. [8][9]


Well-known residents

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Hong Lok Yuen has a shuttle bus service (NR51) for residents that travels to Tai Wo station on the MTR East Rail line, Tai Po Town Centre and Tai Po Market.

The following buses also stop at Hong Lok Yuen bus stop located on the Tai Po Road - Tai Wo Section about 300 metres walk from the entrance to the estate:

64P, 64K, 65K, 73, 73A, 74C, 74D, N73

The following red minibuses also stop on Tai Po Road - Tai Wo Section.

District Council Seat

Because Hong Lok Yuen does not have sufficient population for a seat, it is in the same electorate as Sha Lo Tung, and other villages.

Year/Area 2000-2003 2004-2007 2008-2011 2012-2015 2016-2019 2020-2023
Hong Lok Yuen P17 Hong Lok Yuen constituency

Note: There are other minor adjustments (including numbering) in the above main areas. Please refer to the relevant district board election constituency boundary map and entries.

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