A box of Hot Rod Condoms sold in the U.S.
A box of Hot Rod Condoms sold in the U.S.

Hot Rod Condoms is a range of condoms manufactured and distributed by U.S.-based Kinyon Enterprises, Ltd. The brand was launched in 1994 by founder and president Jon Kinyon.[1]

In October 2002, Hot Rod Condoms introduced its Speedstrip Applicator condom, the first condom with a built-in applicator to be marketed worldwide.[2] The patented applicator facilitates putting a condom on quickly and easily.[3] This was also one of the first "novelty" condoms to meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards for disease prevention and contraception.[4]

In 2004, Hot Rod Condoms began sponsoring cutting edge shows on Playboy TV's Spice Networks including: Spice Live, Spice Clips, The Nooner, as well as Unzipped. Spice Live was the first live interactive adult cable channel and was broadcast in High Definition.[5]


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