The House of Luxembourg (or Luxembourg), also known as the House of Ardenne-Luxembourg in order to distinguish it from later families, were a Lotharingian noble family known from the tenth and eleventh centuries. They are one of the three main branches of the House of Ardenne, along with the House of Ardenne-Verdun, and the House of Ardenne-Bar.

All these Ardennes families descended from Cunigunda of France, a granddaughter of the West Frankish king Louis the Stammerer, and her husband Wigeric of Lotharingia. The Luxembourg branch descend from their son Sigfried, Count of the Ardennes.[1]

One continuing male-line branches of the House of Luxembourg include the House of Salm. The later House of Limburg, Dukes of Limbourg, whose descendants became Dukes of Luxembourg and a royal dynasty in Germany, descend from the House of Ardennes-Luxembourg through the daughter of Frederick, Duke of Lower Lorraine.[2]

Children of Count Sigfried:

  • Thierry (d. 1075)
  • Henry, Count Palatine of Lorraine (d. 1095)
  • Poppon of Metz (d. 1103), Bishop of Metz

Family Tree

the First House (Ardenne-) Luxembourg simplified
(c. 922 – † 998)
(see above)
Count of the Ardennes, ruler of "Lucilinburhuc"
Henry I of Luxemburg
Henry V, Duke of Bavaria,1004
(d. 1026)
Frederick I
(965 – † 1019)
Count of Luxembourg and Salm
Dietrich II
bishop of Metz
archbishop of Trier
(c. 975–1040)
Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor
Henry VII of Bavaria,
count of Luxemburg,1026
duke of Bavaria,1042
(died 16 October 1047)
Duke of Lower Lorraine
Count of Malmedy
(c. 1003 – 18 May 1065)
Giselbert I
(c. 1007 – † 1059)
count of Luxemburg
Adalbero III of Luxembourg
(c. 1010 – 13 November 1072)
Bishop of Metz
ThierryHermann of Gleiburg
Waleran, Count of Arlon and Limburg
(see below the House of Limburg-Arlon)
from her descends the house of Limburg-Arlon and the 2nd House of Luxemburg
Conrad I
(1040 † 1086)
count of Luxemburg
Hermann of Salm
(† 1088)
count of Salm
founder of the House of Salm
Henry III
(† 1086)
Count of Luxembourg
(1081 † 1131)
Count of Luxembourg
Matilda of NortheimAlbert II, Count of DagsburgErmesinde
(1075 † 1143)
Godfrey I, Count of Namur
Conrad II
(† 1136)
Count of Luxembourg
(1120 † 1170)
Henri II
(1125 † 1211)
Hugh VII1
(† 1137)
Count of Dagsburg
Mathilde1Folmar V
(† 1145)
Count of Metz
Henri IV²
(1112 † 1196)
Count of Namur and of Luxembourg
Counts of Grandpré
three children
died without issue
two sons
died without issue
AgnèsLouis I
(1110 † 1171)
Theobald I, Count of BarErmesinde
(1186 † 1247)
Waleran III, Duke of Limburg
Counts of Loon
Henry V
(1216 † 1284)
Count of Luxembourg


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