Hungarian Football League
FormerlyHungarian American Football League (MAFL)
SportAmerican football
FounderHungarian Federation of American Football (MAFSZ)
First season2005
No. of teams5 (HFL)
5 (Division I)
12 (Division II)
Country Hungary
Most recent
Budapest Wolves (8th title)
Most titlesBudapest Wolves (8 titles)
TV partner(s)Digi Sport
Official websiteMAFSZ Online

The Hungarian Football League (HFL) is the top tier national American football competition in Hungary, organized by the Hungarian Federation of American Football (MAFSZ). The competition was formerly called Hungarian American Football League (MAFL) (Hungarian: Magyarországi Amerikai Futballcsapatok Ligája), the top tier as MAFL Division I and the second tier as MAFL Division II; since 2012 the top tier is HFL, the 2nd tier is MAFSZ Division I and the 3rd tier is MAFSZ Division II.


Hungarian teams formed and began playing in the 1990's when the Budapest Cowboys and Budapest Lions played in lower level division leagues outside of Hungary. The Hungarian American Football League (MAFL) began in 2005 under the guidance of the Hungarian Federation of American Football (MAFSZ) with 4 teams (Budapest Wolves, Győr Sharks, Debrecen Gladiators, Nagykanizsa Demos. The game rules are the standard gridiron football (NCAA) rules. The first winner of the first Hungarian Bowl was the Wolves.

In the next 2 years, the Wolves participated only in the Austrian Football League 3rd tier. These 2 years the HFL was won by the Sharks. In 2006, eight teams participated. In 2007, the championship had been split into two divisions (6 teams at Division I and 9 at Division II).

In 2008, the Wolves returned, and they won 3 more championships undefeated. In 2009, 26 teams participated so Division III had been introduced (this year 5, 12, and 9 teams have been played in the three tiers). In 2010, they returned into the 2 tier format.

In 2011, MAFSZ restructured the championship format with the introduction of Hungarian Football League (HFL), which was intended to be an international competition with the top 4 Hungarian teams and 4 from abroad. Division I and Division II became the 2nd and 3rd tier competitions, which were played in the spring season. The HFL was scheduled as a fall season but only 3 teams were willing to participate, so in 2011, the Hungarian Bowl was canceled.

In 2012, the HFL finally started, and this year the Budapest Wolves suffered their first-ever defeat against a Hungarian team (against Budapest Hurricanes), but in the final, the Wolves defeated the Hurricanes. However, in 2013, the Hurricanes, in 2014 the Újbuda Rebels, and in 2015 the Bratislava Monarchs defeated the Wolves in the Hungarian Bowl. The 2015 season was the only one when a foreign team participated, and with the Monarchs' win, the official Hungarian champion was the HFL runners-up Wolves.

In 2016, the Miskolc Steelers became the first non-capital city team in HFL history to participate in the finals, and they won the trophy as well, becoming the 6th team to win HFL in the 6 years' HFL history. In 2017, the Cowbells won the trophy, being technically the 7th team to win the HFL, but as they are the successor of Újbuda Rebels, they are the first team to win 2 HFL trophies.

Hungarian American Football League system

Season HFL Division I Division II Division III Cup
2005 I. Hungarian Bowl
2006 II. Hungarian Bowl I. Blue Bowl
2007 III. Hungarian Bowl I. Pannon Bowl
2008 IV. Hungarian Bowl II. Pannon Bowl
2009 V. Hungarian Bowl III. Pannon Bowl I. Duna Bowl
2010 VI. Hungarian Bowl IV. Pannon Bowl
2011 (Fall Bowl) V. Pannon Bowl II. Duna Bowl
2012 VII. Hungarian Bowl VI. Pannon Bowl III. Duna Bowl II. Blue Bowl
2013 VIII. Hungarian Bowl VII. Pannon Bowl IV. Duna Bowl
2014 IX. Hungarian Bowl VIII. Pannon Bowl V. Duna Bowl
2015 X. Hungarian Bowl IX. Pannon Bowl VI. Duna Bowl
2016 XI. Hungarian Bowl X. Pannon Bowl VII. Duna Bowl
2017 XII. Hungarian Bowl XI. Pannon Bowl VIII. Duna Bowl
2018 XIII. Hungarian Bowl XII. Pannon Bowl IX. Duna Bowl
2019 XIV. Hungarian Bowl XIII. Pannon Bowl X. Duna Bowl
2020 XIV. Pannon Bowl XI. Duna Bowl
2021 XV. Hungarian Bowl XV. Pannon Bowl XII. Duna Bowl
2022 XVI. VEOLIA Hungarian Bowl XVI. Pannon Bowl XIII. Duna Bowl
2023 XVII. VEOLIA Hungarian Bowl XVII. Pannon Bowl


Season Division I Division II Division III
2005 ARD7 Budapest Wolves
2006 Győr Sharks
2007 Győr Sharks Budapest Cowboys
2008 Budapest Wolves Nyíregyháza Tigers
2009 Budapest Wolves Dunaújváros Gorillaz Újbuda Rebels
2010 Budapest Wolves Miskolc Steelers
Season HFL Division I Division II
2011 Nyíregyháza Tigers Budapest Hurricanes
2012 Budapest Wolves Dunaújváros Gorillaz Budapest Cowboys
2013 Budapest Hurricanes Budapest Cowboys Újpest Bulldogs
2014 Újbuda Rebels Újpest Bulldogs Miskolc Renegades
2015 Bratislava Monarchs Eger Heroes Gladiators
2016 Miskolc Steelers Dunaújváros Gorillaz Budapest Eagles
2017 Budapest Cowbells Fehérvár Enthroners Nyíregyháza Tigers
2018 Budapest Cowbells Szombathely Crushers Eger Heroes
2019 Fehérvár Enthroners Szombathely Crushers Miskolc Renegades
2020 Győr Sharks VSD Rangers
2021 Budapest Wolves Miskolc AFT Budapest Wolves II
2022 Fehérvár Enthroners Budapest Titans Újpest Bulldogs
2023 Budapest Wolves Dabas Sparks

Championship Games

Hungarian Bowl

The Hungarian Bowl is the Championship Game of the Hungarian American Football League. Between 2005 and 2010 it was the final of the MAFL Division I. In 2011, the new top-tier championship HFL was postponed, no Hungarian Bowl took place, and the Fall Bowl was an unofficial championship. Since 2012, the Hungarian Bowl has been the final of the Hungarian Football League.

Hungarian Bowl results

No. Season Winner Opponent Score
I 2005, MAFL ARD7 Budapest Wolves Debrecen Gladiators 46–0
II 2006, MAFL Győr Sharks Debrecen Gladiators 7–6
III 2007, MAFL Div I Győr Sharks Debrecen Gladiators 42–12
IV 2008, MAFL Div I Budapest Wolves Budapest Cowboys 20–14
V 2009, MAFL Div I Budapest Wolves Győr Sharks 16–12
VI 2010, MAFL Div I Budapest Wolves Nyíregyháza Tigers 58–0
Fall Bowl 2011 Budapest Wolves Nyíregyháza Tigers 28–0
VII 2012, HFL Budapest Wolves Budapest Hurricanes 65–21
VIII 2013, HFL Budapest Hurricanes Docler Wolves 28–24[1]
IX 2014, HFL Újbuda Rebels Docler Wolves 19–9[2]
X 2015, HFL Bratislava Monarchs Slovakia Budapest Wolves 55–34[3]
XI 2016, HFL Miskolc Steelers Budapest Cowbells 19–16
XII 2017, HFL Budapest Cowbells Miskolc Steelers 14–10[4]
XIII 2018, HFL Budapest Wolves Miskolc Steelers 34–30
XIV 2019, HFL Fehérvár Enthroners Kiev Capitals Ukraine 14-12[5]
XV 2021, HFL Budapest Wolves Fehérvár Enthroners 18–7
XVI 2022, HFL Fehérvár Enthroners Budapest Wolves 31–24
XVII 2023, HFL Budapest Wolves Újpest Bulldogs 49–28

Hungarian Bowl Statistics

Position Team Champions Runners-up
1. Budapest Wolves 8 (2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2018, 2021, 2023) 4 (2013, 2014, 2015, 2022)
2. Budapest Cowbells 2 (2014, 2017) 2 (2008, 2016)
3. Fehérvár Enthroners 2 (2019, 2022) 1 (2021)
3. Győr Sharks 2 (2006, 2007) 1 (2009)
5. Miskolc Steelers 1 (2016) 2 (2017, 2018)
6. Budapest Hurricanes 1 (2013) 1 (2012)
7. Bratislava Monarchs Slovakia 1 (2015)
8. Debrecen Gladiators 3 (2005, 2006, 2007)
9. Nyíregyháza Tigers 1 (2010)
9. Kiev Capitals Ukraine 1 (2019)
9. Újpest Bulldogs 1 (2023)

Pannon Bowl

The Pannon Bowl is the MAFSZ's second-tier championship game that was first played in 2007.

Pannon Bowl results

No. Season Winner Opponent Score
I. 2007, Division II[6] Budapest Cowboys North Pest Vipers 45–0
II. 2008, Division II[7] Nyíregyháza Tigers Zala Predators 36–20
III. 2009, Division II[8] Dunaújváros Gorillaz Zala Predators 10–0
IV. 2010, Division II Miskolc Steelers no playoffs
V. 2011, Division II Nyíregyháza Tigers Békéscsaba Raptors 42–7
VI. 2012, Division I Dunaújváros Gorillaz Békéscsaba Raptors 34–3
VII. 2013, Division I Budapest Cowboys Dunaújváros Gorillaz 12–6
VIII. 2014, Division I[9] Újpest Bulldogs Miskolc Steelers 43–36
IX. 2015, Division I[10] Eger Heroes Dunaújváros Gorillaz 19–16
X. 2016, Division I[11] Dunaújváros Gorillaz Gladiators AFC 28–8[12]
XI. 2017, Division I[13] Fehérvár Enthroners Budapest Eagles 28–7
XII. 2018, Division I[14] Szombathely Crushers Szekszárd Bad Bones 17–7
XIII. 2019, Division I[15] Szombathely Crushers Eger Heroes 32–0
XIV. 2020, Division I Győr Sharks NBA Crushers 32–13
XV. 2021, Division I Miskolc AFT Budapest Cowbells II 43–22
XVI. 2022, Division I Budapest Titans Crushers 18–13
XVII. 2023, Division I Dabas Sparks Budapest Wolves II 17–14

Duna Bowl

The Duna Bowl is the third-tier championship game of the MAFSZ.

Duna Bowl results

No. Season Winner Opponent Score
I. 2009, Division III[16] Újbuda Rebels Jászberény Wolverines 33–0
II. 2011, Division II[17] Budapest Hurricanes Újpest Bulldogs 56–14
III. 2012, Division II Budapest Cowboys Újbuda Rebels II 33–7
IV. 2013, Division II Újpest Bulldogs Újbuda Rebels II 41–6
V. 2014, Division II[18] Miskolc Renegades Budapest Hurricanes II 38–21
VI. 2015, Division II Debrecen Gladiators Szekszárd Bad Bones 21–14[19]
VII. 2016, Division II Budapest Eagles Fehérvár Enthroners 35–13[20]
VIII. 2017, Division II[21] Nyíregyháza Tigers Szombathely Crushers 17–7
VIII. 2018, Division II[22] Eger Heroes SDabas Sparks 42-20
VIII. 2019, Division II[23] Miskolc Renegades Tatabánya Mustangs 40-38

Blue Bowl

In 2006, the MAFSZ created the Blue Bowl, the national cup game.

Blue Bowl results

Table of Results
Season Winner Loser Score
2006 ARD7 Budapest Wolves Debrecen Gladiators 63–20
2012[24] Budapest Cowboys Újpest Bulldogs 13–6


Hungarian American Football League is located in Hungary
Titans Eagles Bulldogs
Steelers Renegades
Bad Bones
Bad Bones
Location of the teams

HFL teams

Division I teams

  • Budapest Titans
  • Budapest Wolves 2
  • Budapest Cowbells 2
  • Dabas Sparks
  • Dunaújváros Gorillaz (HFL: 2017–2018)
  • Eger Heroes (HFL: 2016–2017)
  • DEAC Gladiators
  • Nyíregyháza Tigers (HFL: 2013, 2015–2016, 2018)
  • Szombathely Crushers

Division II teams

  • Budapest Eagles (HFL: 2018)
  • CFS Guardians
  • Diósd Saints
  • Eger Heroes 2
  • Jászberény Wolverines
  • Kaposvár Hornets
  • Miskolc Renegades
  • Pécs Legioners
  • Rebells Oldboys
  • Szombathely Crushers 2
  • Tatabánya Mustangs
  • VSD Rangers


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