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IEC Technical Committee 57 is one of the technical committees of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). TC 57 is responsible for development of standards for information exchange for power systems and other related systems including Energy Management Systems, SCADA, distribution automation & teleprotection.

Working groups

TC 57 consists of several working groups, each of which is responsible for development of standards within its domain. The active working groups are listed below.

TC 57 Working Groups
Working Group Details Standards Developed or related
WG 3 Telecontrol & Teleprotection standards IEC 60870-5
WG 10 IED communications & associated data models in power systems IEC 61850
WG 13 Software interfaces for operation and planning of the electric grid IEC 61970
WG 14 Enterprise business function interfaces for utility operations IEC 61968
WG 15 Data & Communication Security IEC 62351
WG 16 Standards related to energy market communications IEC 62325
WG 17 Communication systems for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) IEC 61850-7-420
WG 18 Communication systems for Hydroelectric power plants IEC 61850-7-410
WG 19 Interoperability within TC57 in the long term standards for integration of CIM & SCL
WG 20 Planning of power line carrier systems
WG 21 Other communication technologies KNX (IEC 14543),BACnet (ISO 16484-5),Echonet (14543-4),Profibus & Profinet (IEC 61158/IEC 61784),LonTalk (IEC 14908.1)...