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Weekeroo Station, Australia, Iron, IIE-an - Center for Meteorite Studies - Arizona State University - Tempe, AZ - DSC05782.JPG
The Weekeroo Station meteorite, an IIE iron meteorite
Structural classificationOctahedrite
Parent bodyProbably 6 Hebe
Total known specimens21 as of 2009

The iron meteorites of the IIE chemical type are octahedrites of various coarseness, most of which contain numerous inclusions of recrystallized stony silicates.

Composition and origin

They have mineral compositions and oxygen isotope ratios very similar to the H chondrites, which makes it probable that they originate from the same parent body. The best candidate for this parent body is the S-type asteroid 6 Hebe.[1] Unlike most iron meteorites, the type IIE are thought to have been melted out of the chondritic surface of the parent asteroid by impacts during its early history.


It is a rare type with 24 known members as of 2020.[2]

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