IPE Management School Paris L'Institut pour l'Expertise
About the School
President:Jonathan Azoulay
Registrar:Andrew Mears
Students:5500 (2016)
Location:Paris, France
Accreditation:CNCP/ACBSP (Educational Member)

The IPE Management School Paris or the Institut pour l'Expertise is a European business school located in Paris, France. IPE Paris is one of the six grandes écoles within Le Réseau des Grandes Écoles Spécialisées (Réseau GES).[1] Together with other Institutions of Réseau GES, IPE Paris delivers undergraduate and postgraduate level degrees. Réseau GES operates in 6 campus sites in Paris for a student population of over 5,500 students. Their working relationship with over 2,500 French businesses and companies ensures that the programs are relevant to the needs of industry today.[2]


IPE Management School, Paris was founded as a major business school and the newest Grande Écoles within the Reseau GES network in France. IPE Paris specialises in the delivery of postgraduate and doctorate-level programs taught entirely in English for the international community. The French grandes écoles are traditionally seen as highly selective and prestigious industry-linked institutions of higher education, alongside public universities in France.


IPE Paris offers a variety of programs in both French and English. The key objective of the programs is to educate managers with superior skills and capabilities to enable them to make ongoing and lasting contributions to the global economy and their society as a whole.



Accreditation and Associations

Principal officers

Principal officers:[5] ==

Research and Faculty

The faculty at IPE Paris collaborates extensively with industry partners in France, United Kingdom and Southeast Asia in enabling, promoting, and coordinating the development and application of research in the field of business management. IPE Paris also works with the UK-based International Professional Managers Association to publish the International Professional and Applied Management Review incorporating the International Journal of Professional Management.[6]

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