Ian Rogers
Leopold Zola (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 7 23 0001.png
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceCaptain America vol. 7 #1 (January 2013)
Captain America vol. 7 #10 (October 2013; as Nomad)
Created byRick Remender
John Romita Jr.
Klaus Janson
In-story information
Alter egoLeopold Zola
Notable aliasesNomad, Captain Hydra
AbilitiesArtificially enhanced physiology at a slightly higher level than Captain America
Expert marksman
Skilled in many martial arts and acrobatics

Ian Rogers is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Fictional character biography

While trapped in the mysterious Dimension Z, Captain America rescues Leopold Zola, the infant son of Arnim Zola.[1] Raising the child under the name "Ian", he manages to evade Zola's forces for eleven years, until Ian is accidentally shot and apparently killed by Sharon Carter.[2] After Captain America escapes Dimension Z, Ian is revealed to have survived and taken up a costume and shield similar to that of his adoptive father. Now calling himself Nomad, Ian acts as the defender of Dimension Z.[3] During the AXIS storyline, Nomad assists Steve Rogers and Spider-Man in rescuing Loki in Las Vegas.[4]

Other versions

In other media


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