Ibara Railway IRT 355 Series train.
Ibara Railway IRT 355 Series train.
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The Ibara Line (井原線, Ibara-sen) is Japanese railway line between Sōja Station, Sōja and Kannabe Station, Fukuyama. This is the only railway line Ibara Railway (井原鉄道, Ibara Tetsudō) operates.


Japanese National Railways started the construction of the line in 1966, but financial constraints halted work in 1980. The Ibara Railway Co. was established in 1986 and construction resumed under the newly founded third sector company, and the line opened at 11:11 am, January 11, 1999, dual track and electrified as far as Kiyone.

Basic data


Name Distance (km) Connections Location
Sōja 総社 0.0 JR West: Hakubi LineKibi Line Okayama Sōja
Kiyone 清音 3.4 JR West: Hakubi Line
Kawabejuku 川辺宿 6.0   Kurashiki
Kibinomakibi 吉備真備 8.2  
Bitchū-Kurese 備中呉妹 11.1  
Mitani 三谷 15.1   Yakage,
Oda District
Yakage 矢掛 18.2  
Oda 小田 23.4  
Sōunnosato-Ebara 早雲の里荏原 26.8   Ibara
Ibara 井原 30.5  
Izue いずえ 32.3  
Komoriutanosato-Takaya 子守唄の里高屋 34.1  
Goryō 御領 37.6   Hiroshima Fukuyama
Yuno 湯野 39.5  
Kannabe 神辺 41.7 JR West: Fukuen Line

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