Icelandic basketball league system
Promotion and relegationYes
National system
FederationIcelandic Basketball Association
ConfederationFIBA Europe
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Basketball in Iceland

The Icelandic basketball league system, or Icelandic basketball league pyramid, is a series of interconnected competitions for basketball clubs in Iceland. The system has a hierarchical format with a promotion and demotion system between competitions at different levels.


There are currently four different competitions on the pyramid - the 1st tier Úrvalsdeild, the 2nd tier Division I, the 3rd tier Division II, and the 4th tier Division III.

The leagues are organized by the Icelandic Basketball Association.[1]

The tier levels

For the 2020–21 season, the Icelandic basketball league system is as follows:[2]

Level League
1 Úrvalsdeild karla
12 teams
↓ 2 relegation
(previously 1. deild karla (1951–78))
2 1. deild karla
12 teams1
↑ 2 promotion
↓ 1 relegation
(previously 2. deild karla (1964–78))
3 2. deild karla
12 teams
↑ 1 promotion
↓ 2 relegation
(previously 3. deild karla (1973–78))
4 3. deild karla
7 teams
↑ 2 promotion

1The 1. deild karla has spot for 12 teams. The 12th placed team is relegated to 2. deild karla. If there are less than 12 teams, no team is relegated.

Other competitions


There are currently three different competitions on the pyramid and they are all organized by the Icelandic Basketball Association.[3][4][5]

Level League
1 Úrvalsdeild kvenna
10 teams
↓ 1 relegation
(previously 1. deild kvenna (1952–2005))
2 1. deild kvenna
9 teams1
↑ 1 promotion
(previously 2. deild kvenna (1984–2005))
2 2. deild kvenna

1Registered for the 2022–23 season. The amount of teams vary by seasons.

Other competitions

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