Idaho State Senate
Idaho State Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Term limits
New session started
January 11, 2022
Janice McGeachin (R)
since January 7, 2019
Chuck Winder (R)
since December 1, 2020
Majority Leader
Kelly Anthon (R)
since December 1, 2020
Minority Leader
Michelle Stennett (D)
since December 1, 2012
Idaho State Senate partisan breakdown.svg
Political groups
  •   Republican (28)


Length of term
2 years
AuthorityArticle IV, Idaho Constitution
Salary$16,684/year + per diem
Last election
November 3, 2020
(35 seats)
Next election
November 8, 2022
(35 seats)
RedistrictingIdaho Redistricting Commission
Meeting place
State Senate Chamber
Idaho State Capitol
Boise, Idaho
Idaho Senate
State Senate Chamber at the Idaho State Capitol in Boise
State Senate Chamber at the Idaho State Capitol in Boise

The Idaho Senate is the upper chamber of the Idaho State Legislature. It consists of 35 Senators elected to two-year terms,[1] each representing a district of the state. The Senate meets at the Idaho State Capitol in Boise, Idaho.[2]

Composition of the Senate

Since 1960, the Idaho Senate has been controlled by the Republican Party.[3] Since December 1, 2018, Republicans have held 27 seats and Democrats have 7.

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic
52nd Legislature (1992–1994) 23 12 35
53rd Legislature (1994–1996) 27 8 35
54th Legislature (1996–1998) 30 5 35
55th Legislature (1998–2000) 31 4 35
56th Legislature (2000–2002) 32 3 35
57th through 63rd Legislature (2002–2016) 28 7 35
64th Legislature (2016–2018) 29 6 35
65th and 66th Legislature (2018–present) 28 7 35
Current Voting Share 80% 20%

Leadership of the 66th Legislature

Position Name Party District
President/Lieutenant Governor of Idaho Janice McGeachin Republican
President Pro Tempore Chuck Winder Republican 20
Majority Leader Kelly Anthon Republican 27
Assistant Majority Leader Abby Lee Republican 9
Majority Caucus Chair Mark Harris Republican 32
Minority Leader Michelle Stennett Democratic 26
Assistant Minority Leader Grant Burgoyne Democratic 16
Minority Caucus Chair Janie Ward-Engelking Democratic 18

Committee Chairs of the 66th Legislature

Committee Chairman Party District
Agriculture Affairs Van Burtenshaw Republican 35
Commerce and Human Resources Jim Patrick Republican 25
Education Steven Thayn Republican 8
Finance Steve Bair Republican 31
Health and Welfare Fred Martin Republican 15
Judiciary and Rules Todd Lakey Republican 12
Local Government and Taxation Jim Rice Republican 10
Resources and Environment Steve Vick Republican 2
State Affairs Patti Anne Lodge Republican 11
Transportation Lori Den Hartog Republican 22

Members of the Idaho Senate

2018 Idaho Senate composition.
2018 Idaho Senate composition.
District Representative Party Residence Counties Represented
1 Jim Woodward Republican Sandpoint Bonner, Boundary
2 Steve Vick Republican Dalton Gardens Kootenai
3 Peter Riggs Republican Post Falls Kootenai
4 Mary Souza Republican Coeur d'Alene Kootenai
5 David Nelson Democrat Moscow Benewah, Latah
6 Dan G. Johnson Republican Lewiston Lewis, Nez Perce
7 Carl Crabtree Republican Grangeville Bonner, Clearwater, Idaho, Shoshone
8 Steven Thayn Republican Emmett Boise, Custer, Gem, Lemhi, Valley
9 Abby Lee Republican Fruitland Adams, Payette, Washington
10 Jim Rice Republican Caldwell Canyon
11 Patti Anne Lodge Republican Huston Canyon
12 Todd Lakey Republican Nampa Canyon
13 Jeff Agenbroad Republican Nampa Canyon
14 C. Scott Grow Republican Eagle Ada
15 Fred Martin Republican Boise Ada
16 Grant Burgoyne Democrat Boise Ada
17 Carrie Semmelroth Democrat Boise Ada
18 Janie Ward-Engelking Democrat Boise Ada
19 Melissa Wintrow Democrat Boise Ada
20 Chuck Winder Republican Boise Ada
21 Regina Bayer Republican Meridian Ada
22 Lori Den Hartog Republican Nampa Ada
23 Christy Zito Republican Hammett Elmore, Owyhee, Twin Falls
24 Lee Heider Republican Twin Falls Twin Falls
25 Jim Patrick Republican Twin Falls Jerome, Twin Falls
26 Michelle Stennett Democrat Ketchum Blaine, Camas, Gooding, Lincoln
27 Kelly Anthon Republican Declo Cassia, Minidoka
28 Jim Guthrie Republican McCammon Bannock, Power
29 Mark Nye Democrat Pocatello Bannock
30 Kevin Cook Republican Idaho Falls Bonneville
31 Steve Bair Republican Blackfoot Bingham
32 Mark Harris Republican Soda Springs Bear Lake, Bonneville, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida, Teton
33 Dave Lent Republican Idaho Falls Bonneville
34 Doug Ricks Republican Rexburg Madison, Bonneville
35 Van Burtenshaw Republican Terreton Butte, Clark, Fremont, Jefferson

Past composition of the Senate

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