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Company typePublic
Russell 2000 Index component
Founded2004; 20 years ago (2004) by Shane McMahon as (China Broadband, Inc)[1]
2017; 7 years ago (2017) as (Ideanomics Inc, by Alf Poor)[2]
FoundersShane McMahon as China Broadband, Inc in 2004
Bruno Wu as Ideanomics, Inc. in 2017
HeadquartersNew York City
Key people
Alf Poor (CEO)
Shane McMahon (Executive Chairman)

Ideanomics, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDEX) is a global electric vehicle company that is focused on driving the adoption of electric commercial vehicles and associated sustainable energy consumption.[3][4][5] It is made up of 5 subsidiaries including: VIA Motors, Solectrac, Treeletrik, Wave, and US Hybrid.[6] Ideanomics is a CALSTART member, a national non-profit organization focused on accelerating clean transportation; CALSTART's expertise lies in providing early adopters with leadership, connections and funding to accelerate the deployment of game-changing technologies.[7]

The company provides turn-key vehicle, finance, leasing, and energy management services for commercial fleet operators. Its Ideanomics Mobility division has a strong ‘Made in America’ theme, and boasts a market validated, and revenue producing, deployment of technologies and vehicles for high-growth commercial fleet segments such as last-mile and local delivery, wireless charging, Hydrogen fuel cells, and Agritech.

The company's vehicle division, Ideanomics Mobility, is headed by Robin Mackie who serves as the chairman. The company is headquartered in New York City, New York in the United States.[8]


The company was founded in 2004 by Shane McMahon who currently also serves as the chairman.[9] Alf Poor is the incumbent chief executive officer serving since February 2019.[10][11]

In October 2018, they purchased a building at $5.2M UConn campus in West Hartford to move their operations to.[12]

In June 2021, the company was included in the broad-market Russell 3000 Index.[13] In the same month, it also acquired US Hybrid, zero-emission vehicle manufacturer.[14]

In August 2021, it acquired Via Motors for US$630 million.[15] It has previously acquired US Hybrid, an electric powertrain components and fuel cell engines manufacturer; Solectrac, which is one of two electric tractor manufacturers in the United States; Wave, a wireless charging company.[16]

In March 2022, it acquired Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica.[17]

In October 2022, it claims it is the largest assembly plant for electric tractors in North America. The plant in Windsor, California, has the capacity to produce 4,100 electric tractors annually.[18]


e25 model is a compact electric tractor, with its 22 kWh battery.

In 2023, Ideanomics also plans to begin assembling the model e70N, a specially designed, narrow model purpose-built for handling and manoeuvrability on vineyards and farm operations. The N stands for narrow and includes a 52 kW all-wheel drive and a 60 kWh LFP battery, to allow up to eight hours of operation, with the company also mentioning solar array options online. Lifting capacity is given at 2,000 pounds (910 kg). The e70N's swappable battery pack, allows even longer operation in busy seasons. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Funding Agriculture Replacement Measures for Emission Reductions Demonstration Program (FARMER), provides up to 80 per cent of the cost for farmers to replace diesel tractors with less polluting alternatives.[19]

Clients and major sales


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