Identity Digital Inc.
Company typePrivate
IndustryDomain name registry
Domain name registrar
Founded2010 (2010) (as Donuts)
June 2022 (as Identity Digital)
Key people
Akram Atallah, CEO
OwnerEthos Capital

Identity Digital Inc. is a company with affiliated entities that operate in the domain name industry, including a domain name registrar and registry services provider.[1][2][3][4] The company acquired the registry operator and back-end registry services divisions of Afilias, Inc. in 2020. Both Donuts Inc. (the parent company) and Afilias Inc. were rebranded and brought under the single company brand name Identity Digital in 2022.[1]

Donuts Inc

See also: Donuts (company)

Donuts Inc. was a parent company with affiliated entities that operated in the domain name industry, including a domain name registrar and registries, that provided paid domain names via its subsidiaries’ registry operator status (for example, managing the .social gTLD) and contracts between its subsidiaries and other registries and registrars.[5][6][7][8]


Afilias was founded in October 2000 by a group of 19 major domain name registrars.[9][10] In November 2020, Afilias was acquired by the domain name registry operator Donuts.[11]

Managed TLDs

Identity Digital / Donuts is either the ICANN-approved sponsor organization or owns controlling interest in the ICANN-approved sponsor organization for 264 top-level domains,[12] approximately 30% of all generally-available TLDs.[13]

.limited .ltd .management .network .partners
.sarl .services .solutions .ventures .support
.associates .business .careers .center .consulting
.company .enterprises .gmbh .group .industries
.international .企业
.academy .church .education .institute .mba
.school .schule .university .degree
.bingo .bet .casino .dating .dog
.events .games .movie .lotto .show
.singles .theater .actor .band .dance
.live .poker .rocks .studio .video
.游戏 (games) .娱乐 (entertainment)
.accountants .capital .cash .claims .credit
.creditcard .estate .exchange .finance .financial
.fund .global .holdings .insure .investments
.llc .loans .money .report .tax
Fun Domains
.cool .exposed .fail .black .red
.gripe .jetzt .ninja .blue .pink
.wtf .life .green .pet
.care .clinic .dental .dentist .doctor
.healthcare .hospital .rehab .rip .surgery
.vet .vision
Home and Construction
.plumbing .lighting .repair .tools .cleaning
.builders .construction .contractors .works .glass
.parts .pro .supplies .supply .tires
.legal .attorney .lawyer
News and Information
.bio .chat .directory .fyi .info
.memorial .tips .reviews .news .media
.camera .equipment .gallery .graphics .photography
.photos .pictures
Political and Military
.democrat .republican .vote .army .airforce
.voto .navy .family
Real Estate
.apartments .camp .community .condos .farm
.house .immo .land .lease .maison
.properties .rentals .villas .haus .mortgage
Sports and Fitness
.bike .coach .football .golf .hockey
.pro .run .soccer .team .tennis
.training .ski .futbol .rocks .expert
.guru .fan .fitness
Style and Fashion
.boutique .clothing .diamonds .florist .furniture
.gold .jewelry .salon .shoes .style
.toys .watch .moda
.codes .computer .domains .systems .technology
.engineer .engineering .energy .mobi .solar
.software .网站 (web) .移动 (mobile)
Travel and Geography
.travel .city .cruises .flights .guide
.holiday .asia .irish .place .reise
.reisen .tours .town .vacations .viajes
.voyage .cab .limo .zone .world
Shopping and Retail
.bargains .cards .cheap .coupons .deals
.delivery .direct .discount .express .gifts
.gratis .plus .shopping .tienda .sale
.promo .kaufen .market .auction .forsale
.商店 (shop/store)
Food and Beverage
.cafe .catering .coffee .kitchen .pizza
.recipes .restaurant .vin .wine .fish
Marketing and Communications
.agency .digital .email .marketing .media
.productions .social .studio


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