Illinois Central West Line
OwnerIllinois Central Railroad
LocaleChicago metropolitan area
TerminiRandolph Street Station
TypeCommuter Rail
Train number(s)140, 141, 145, 146, 147, 148
OpenedMay 1, 1892
Line length24.12 miles (38.82 km)
Track gauge4 ft 8+12 in (1,435 mm)
Route map

Randolph Street South Shore Line
0.64 mi
1.03 km
Van Buren Street South Shore Line
1.26 mi
2.03 km
Roosevelt Road South Shore Line
Central Station
Metra Electric and South Shore
to S. Chi, Blue Island, Univ Pk, and S. Bend
to Carbondale and New Orleans
Green and
Orange Lines
to Union Station
Rock Island District
Red Line
Orange Line
to the Loop
Metra and Amtrak lines
to Union Station
SouthWest Service
to Manhattan
3.34 mi
5.38 km
Halsted Street
Chicago River
South fork
Orange Line
to Midway
Heritage Corridor and Amtrak
to Joliet, St. Louis, and Los Angeles
Chicago River
South branch
7.19 mi
11.57 km
Lawndale Avenue
7.61 mi
12.25 km
Crawford Avenue DodgerBlue flag waving.svg
8.58 mi
13.81 km
Hyman Avenue DodgerBlue flag waving.svg
9.05 mi
14.56 km
10.17 mi
16.37 km
Odgen Avenue DodgerBlue flag waving.svg
BNSF Railway
11.19 mi
18.01 km
Berwyn DodgerBlue flag waving.svg
11.95 mi
19.23 km
Parkway DodgerBlue flag waving.svg
12.75 mi
20.52 km
North Riverside DodgerBlue flag waving.svg
Des Plaines River
13.17 mi
21.2 km
Tuxedo Park DodgerBlue flag waving.svg
13.22 mi
21.28 km
Hines DodgerBlue flag waving.svg
14.48 mi
23.3 km
Addison Creek
Chicago "L"
Westchester Branch
to Bellwood
to Mt. Carmel
16.15 mi
25.99 km
Oakridge DodgerBlue flag waving.svg
17.50 mi
28.16 km
19.25 mi
30.98 km
CA&E to Wells Street
Chicago Great Western to Chicago
CA&E to Wheaton
Chicago Great Western to DeKalb
20.24 mi
32.57 km
St. Charles Road DodgerBlue flag waving.svg
Union Pacific / West Line
to Ogilvie Transportation Center
Salt Creek
Union Pacific / West Line
to Elburn
21.28 mi
34.25 km
Suburb Hill DodgerBlue flag waving.svg
22.29 mi
35.87 km
South Addison
24.12 mi
38.82 km
Illinois Central intercity trains
to Freeport, Waterloo and Sioux City

The Illinois Central West Line was a commuter line operated by the Illinois Central Railroad between the Randolph Street Station in Chicago and Addison, Illinois. The service began in 1892 and ended in 1931.


The Illinois Central Railroad opened a westerly line from Chicago to Freeport, Illinois in 1891. A suburban passenger service over a portion of this line between Chicago and Addison was inaugurated on May 1, 1892. Stations were initially located at Wabash Avenue and 16th Street, Crawford Avenue, Hyman (Cicero) Avenue, Robinson (Laramie) Avenue, Ogden Avenue, Parkview Avenue, Brook View, Hill Side, and South Addison. Service consisted of three trains in each direction Monday to Saturday and two trains in each direction on Sundays.[1] A collision between an Addison suburban train and another locomotive occurred on February 25, 1893.[2]

On April 15, 1931, the Illinois Central Railroad asked the Illinois Commerce Commission to allow discontinuance of passenger trains over the line.[3] Discontinuance was granted and the commuter service ended.


The West Line's eastern terminus was the Randolph Street Station on the east side of the Chicago Loop. From Randolph, trains traveled south over the suburban tracks of the Illinois Central's main line (still used by Metra Electric District trains). South of Roosevelt Road and Central Station, the West Line diverged from the main line between 14th and 16th Streets over a section of trackage that no longer exists that connected with what is now the Canadian National’s Freeport Subdivision. From there, the trains headed west to the vicinity of the South branch of the Chicago River, where the line angled to the southwest and roughly paralleled the river. Near 35th Street, the line crossed the river and continued west. From Central Avenue, it angled northwest through suburban Cicero, Berwyn, North Riverside, Hines, Broadview, Hillside, Elmhurst, and Villa Park, before reaching Addison. At the crossing of North Avenue in Addison, the line left the Freeport Subdivision , heading north along a branch on the west side of Addison Road before terminating in the vicinity of Lake Street.


Station Municipality County Notes
Randolph Street Station Chicago Cook Remains in service as part of Metra Electric

Mainline rail interchange IC Electric
Mainline rail interchange South Shore Line

Van Buren Street Remains in service as part of Metra Electric

Mainline rail interchange IC Electric
Mainline rail interchange South Shore Line

Roosevelt Road Remains in service as part of Metra Electric

Mainline rail interchange IC Electric
Mainline rail interchange South Shore Line
Mainline rail interchange Intercity trains at Central Station

Halsted Street Closed
Lawndale Avenue Closed
Crawford Avenue Flag stop, Closed
Hyman Avenue Cicero Flag stop, Closed
Hawthorne Closed
Ogden Avenue Flag stop, Closed
Berwyn Berwyn Flag stop, Closed
Parkway North Riverside Flag stop, Closed
North Riverside Flag stop, Closed
Tuxedo Park Flag stop, Closed
Hines Hines Flag stop, Closed

Formerly: Speedway
Points of interest:
Speedway Park

Broadview Broadview Closed
Oakridge Hillside Flag stop, Closed

Points of interest:
Oakridge Cemetery

Hillside Closed
Elmhurst Elmhurst Du Page Closed
St. Charles Road Flag stop, Closed
Suburb Hill Villa Park Flag stop, Closed
South Addison Addison Closed
Addison Closed


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