Map of the 32 core-based statistical areas in Illinois.
An enlargeable map of the 32 core-based statistical areas in Illinois.[1]

The U.S. State of Illinois currently has 43 statistical areas that have been delineated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). On March 6, 2020, the OMB delineated 11 combined statistical areas, 13 metropolitan statistical areas, and 19 micropolitan statistical areas in Illinois.[1]

Statistical areas

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has designated more than 1,000 statistical areas for the United States and Puerto Rico.[2] These statistical areas are important geographic delineations of population clusters used by the OMB, the United States Census Bureau, planning organizations, and federal, state, and local government entities.

The OMB defines a core-based statistical area (commonly referred to as a CBSA) as "a statistical geographic entity consisting of the county or counties (or county-equivalents) associated with at least one core[a] of at least 10,000 population, plus adjacent counties having a high degree of social and economic integration with the core as measured through commuting ties with the counties containing the core."[2] The OMB further divides core-based statistical areas into metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) that have "a population of at least 50,000" and micropolitan statistical areas (μSAs) that have "a population of at least 10,000, but less than 50,000."[2]

The OMB defines a combined statistical area (CSA) as "a geographic entity consisting of two or more adjacent core-based statistical areas with employment interchange measures[b] of at least 15%."[2] The primary statistical areas (PSAs) include all combined statistical areas and any core-based statistical area that is not a constituent of a combined statistical area.


The table below describes the 43 United States statistical areas and 102 counties of the State of Illinois with the following information:[3]

  1. The combined statistical area (CSA) as designated by the OMB.[1]
  2. The CSA population according to 2019 US Census Bureau population estimates.[4]
  3. The core based statistical area (CBSA)[2] as designated by the OMB.[1]
  4. The CBSA population according to 2019 US Census Bureau population estimates [4]
  5. The county name
  6. The county population according to 2019 US Census Bureau population estimates [4]
  7. The Metropolitan Division name, if applicable[1]
  8. The Metropolitan Division population according to 2019 US Census Bureau population estimates [4]
The 43 United States statistical areas and 102 counties of the State of Illinois

Combined Statistical Area 2019 Population Core Based Statistical Area 2019 Population County 2019 Population Metropolitan Division 2019 Population
Chicago-Naperville, IL-IN-WI CSA 9,825,325
Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI MSA 9,458,539
Cook County, Illinois 5,150,233 Chicago-Naperville-Evanston, IL MD 7,122,725
DuPage County, Illinois 922,921
Will County, Illinois 690,743
McHenry County, Illinois 307,774
Grundy County, Illinois 51,054
Lake County, Illinois 696,535 Lake County-Kenosha County, IL-WI MD 866,096
Kenosha County, Wisconsin 169,561
Kane County, Illinois 532,403 Elgin, IL MD 766,290
Kendall County, Illinois 128,990
DeKalb County, Illinois 104,897
Lake County, Indiana 485,493 Gary, IN MD 703,428
Porter County, Indiana 170,389
Jasper County, Indiana 33,562
Newton County, Indiana 13,984
Ottawa, IL μSA 147,036 LaSalle County, Illinois 108,669 none
Bureau County, Illinois 32,628
Putnam County, Illinois 5,739
Michigan City-La Porte, IN MSA 109,888 LaPorte County, Indiana 109,888
Kankakee-Bradley, IL MSA 109,862 Kankakee County, Illinois 109,862
St. Louis-St. Charles-Farmington, MO-IL CSA 2,907,648
St. Louis, MO-IL MSA 2,803,228
St. Louis County, Missouri 994,205
St. Charles County, Missouri 402,022
City of St. Louis, Missouri 300,576
Madison County, Illinois 262,966
St. Clair County, Illinois 259,686
Jefferson County, Missouri 225,081
Franklin County, Missouri 103,967
Lincoln County, Missouri 59,013
Macoupin County, Illinois 44,926
Clinton County, Illinois 37,562
Warren County, Missouri 35,649
Monroe County, Illinois 34,637
Jersey County, Illinois 21,773
Bond County, Illinois 16,426
Calhoun County, Illinois 4,739
Farmington, MO μSA 67,215 Saint Francois County, Missouri 67,215
Centralia, IL μSA 37,205 Marion County, Illinois 37,205
Rockford-Freeport-Rochelle, IL CSA 431,257 Rockford, IL MSA 336,116 Winnebago County, Illinois 282,572
Boone County, Illinois 53,544
Rochelle, IL μSA 50,643 Ogle County, Illinois 50,643
Freeport, IL μSA 44,498 Stephenson County, Illinois 44,498
none Peoria, IL MSA 400,561 Peoria County, Illinois 179,179
Tazewell County, Illinois 131,803
Woodford County, Illinois 38,459
Fulton County, Illinois 34,340
Marshall County, Illinois 11,438
Stark County, Illinois 5,342
Springfield-Jacksonville-Lincoln, IL CSA 306,399 Springfield, IL MSA 206,868 Sangamon County, Illinois 194,672
Menard County, Illinois 12,196
Jacksonville, IL μSA 38,609 Morgan County, Illinois 33,658
Scott County, Illinois 4,951
Taylorville, IL μSA 32,304 Christian County, Illinois 32,304
Lincoln, IL μSA 28,618 Logan County, Illinois 28,618
none Champaign-Urbana, IL MSA 226,033 Champaign County, Illinois 209,689
Piatt County, Illinois 16,344
Bloomington-Pontiac, IL CSA 207,165 Bloomington, IL MSA 171,517 McLean County, Illinois 171,517
Pontiac, IL μSA 35,648 Livingston County, Illinois 35,648
Davenport-Moline, IA-IL CSA 468,265
Davenport-Moline-Rock Island, IA-IL MSA 379,172
Scott County, Iowa 172,943
Rock Island County, Illinois 141,879
Henry County, Illinois 48,913
Mercer County, Illinois 15,437
Clinton, IA μSA 46,429 Clinton County, Iowa 46,429
Muscatine, IA μSA 42,664 Muscatine County, Iowa 42,664
none Carbondale-Marion, IL MSA 135,764 Williamson County, Illinois 67,597
Jackson County, Illinois 56,750
Johnson County, Illinois 12,417
Decatur, IL MSA 104,009 Macon County, Illinois 104,009
Dixon-Sterling, IL CSA 89,849 Sterling, IL μSA 55,175 Whiteside County, Illinois 55,175
Dixon, IL μSA 34,096 Lee County, Illinois 34,096
none Danville, IL MSA 75,758 Vermilion County, Illinois 75,758
Quincy-Hannibal, IL-MO CSA 114,050
Quincy, IL-MO μSA 75,211
Adams County, Illinois 65,435
Lewis County, Missouri 9,776
Hannibal, MO μSA 38,839 Marion County, Missouri 28,530
Ralls County, Missouri 10,309
none Charleston–Mattoon, IL μSA 61,387 Coles County, Illinois 50,621
Cumberland County, Illinois 10,766
Galesburg, IL μSA 49,699 Knox County, Illinois 49,699
Mount Vernon, IL μSA 37,684 Jefferson County, Illinois 37,684
Effingham, IL μSA 34,008 Effingham County, Illinois 34,008
Macomb, IL μSA 29,682 McDonough County, Illinois 29,682
Burlington-Fort Madison-Keokuk, IA-IL-MO CSA 103,775
Fort Madison-Keokuk, IA-IL-MO μSA 58,162
Lee County, Iowa 33,657
Hancock County, Illinois 17,708
Clark County, Missouri 6,797
Burlington, IA-IL μSA 45,613
Des Moines County, Iowa 38,967
Henderson County, Illinois 6,646
Paducah-Mayfield, KY-IL CSA 133,538
Paducah, KY-IL μSA 96,272
McCracken County, Kentucky 65,418
Massac County, Illinois 13,772
Livingston County, Kentucky 9,194
Ballard County, Kentucky 7,888
Mayfield, KY μSA 37,266 Graves County, Kentucky 37,266
Cape Girardeau-Sikeston, MO-IL CSA 135,045
Cape Girardeau, MO-IL MSA 96,765
Cape Girardeau County, Missouri 78,871
Bollinger County, Missouri 12,133
Alexander County, Illinois 5,761
Sikeston, MO μSA 38,280 Scott County, Missouri 38,280
none none Franklin County, Illinois 38,469
Randolph County, Illinois 31,782
Montgomery County, Illinois 28,414
Iroquois County, Illinois 27,114
Saline County, Illinois 23,491
Shelby County, Illinois 21,634
Fayette County, Illinois 21,336
Jo Daviess County, Illinois 21,235
Perry County, Illinois 20,916
Douglas County, Illinois 19,465
Crawford County, Illinois 18,667
Edgar County, Illinois 17,161
Warren County, Illinois 16,844
Union County, Illinois 16,653
Wayne County, Illinois 16,215
Lawrence County, Illinois 15,678
DeWitt County, Illinois 15,638
Pike County, Illinois 15,561
Richland County, Illinois 15,513
Clark County, Illinois 15,441
Moultrie County, Illinois 14,501
Carroll County, Illinois 14,305
Washington County, Illinois 13,887
White County, Illinois 13,537
Mason County, Illinois 13,359
Clay County, Illinois 13,184
Greene County, Illinois 12,969
Ford County, Illinois 12,961
Cass County, Illinois 12,147
Wabash County, Illinois 11,520
Jasper County, Illinois 9,610
Hamilton County, Illinois 8,116
Schuyler County, Illinois 6,768
Brown County, Illinois 6,578
Edwards County, Illinois 6,395
Pulaski County, Illinois 5,335
Gallatin County, Illinois 4,828
Pope County, Illinois 4,177
Hardin County, Illinois 3,821
State of Illinois 12,671,847

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  1. ^ The OMB defines a core as "a densely settled concentration of population, comprising an Urban Area (of 10,000 or more population) delineated by the Census Bureau, around which a core-based statistical area is delineated."[2]
  2. ^ The OMB defines the employment interchange measure as "the sum of the percentage of workers living in the smaller entity who work in the larger entity plus the percentage of employment in the smaller entity that is accounted for by workers who reside in the larger entity."[2]


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