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Imperial Medicals Rugby Club
Full nameImperial Medicals Rugby Club
UnionMiddlesex RFU
Nickname(s)Imperial Medics
Founded1997 through merger of two older sides
Constituent elements:
1865 - St Mary's Hospital RFC
1984 - Charing Cross & Westminster Hospitals RFC(itself a merger of two older sides)
LocationHeston, Hounslow, London, England
Ground(s)Heston Sports Ground (Capacity: 400)
ChairmanMr Nigel Mendoza
Director of RugbyJames Snape
Captain(s)Daniel Pethers (Club Captain) Connor Youmans (1XV Captain)
League(s)BUCS South East 2B
Official website

Imperial Medicals Rugby Club ("Imperial Medics") is the name given to the rugby union team of Imperial College School of Medicine Students' Union, a modern amalgam of three formerly distinct hospital rugby clubs each with a long history, having all been founded in the nineteenth century. The teams from Charing Cross Hospital and Westminster Hospital were the first to merge in 1984 following the union of their respective Medical Departments. When St Mary's Hospital, London also merged in 1997 the team was strengthened by one of the two most successful hospital sides in London. Imperial Medics is notable for its recent dominance of the oldest competition in rugby, the United Hospitals Cup, as well as its history and the joint history of its constituent elements which have produced a large number of international players.


The history of Imperial Medicals Rugby Club is the combined history of three older sides, and their joint history from the point of merger:


Since Inauguration in 1997 IMRFC have enjoyed the following successes:

United Hospital Challenge Cup wins
Hospital Team First Competed Last Competed Current Status Wins Total Wins including constituent elements
Imperial Medics 1998 present Active 13 51
St Mary’s 1874 1997 Part of Imperial Medics 32 32
Charing X/ Westminster 1983 1997 Part of Imperial Medics 3 6
Westminster 1897 1982 Part of Imperial Medics 3 3
Charing Cross 1875 1982 Part of Imperial Medics 0 0

Notable former players


St Mary's



Imperial Medicals

Notable non-internationals