Indonesia Open
Official website
Founded1982; 40 years ago (1982)
Editions39 (2021)
LocationBadung Regency (2021)
VenueBali International Convention Center (2021)
Prize moneyUSD$1.25 million (2019)
Draw32S / 32D
Current championsViktor Axelsen (singles)
Marcus Fernaldi Gideon
Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo (doubles)
Most singles titles6
Ardy Wiranata
Taufik Hidayat
Lee Chong Wei
Most doubles titles4
Hariamanto Kartono
Ricky Subagja
Rexy Mainaky
Candra Wijaya
Lee Yong-dae
Draw32S / 32D
Current championsAn Se-young (singles)
Nami Matsuyama
Chiharu Shida (doubles)
Most singles titles5
Susi Susanti
Most doubles titles3
Rosiana Tendean
Eliza Nathanael
Yu Yang
Mixed doubles
Current championsDechapol Puavaranukroh
Sapsiree Taerattanachai
Most titles (male)6
Tri Kusharjanto
Most titles (female)6
Minarti Timur
Super 1000

The Indonesia Open (Indonesian: Indonesia Terbuka) in an annual badminton tournament organized by the Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI) since 1982. It became part of the BWF Super Series tournament in 2007 and got the Super Series Premier status in 2011. Following the restructurisation to BWF World Tour, since 2018 it became one of only three tournaments to be granted Super 1000 level.

Host cities

Below is the nine cities that have hosted the tournament. The tournament's current host city is Badung Regency, Bali.

Past winners

Year Men's singles Women's singles Men's doubles Women's doubles Mixed doubles
1982 Indonesia Icuk Sugiarto Indonesia Verawaty Fadjrin Indonesia Rudy Heryanto
Indonesia Hariamanto Kartono
England Gillian Gilks
England Gillian Clark
England Martin Dew
England Gillian Gilks
1983 Indonesia Liem Swie King Indonesia Ivana Lie Indonesia Ruth Damayanti
Indonesia Maria Fransisca
Indonesia Christian Hadinata
Indonesia Ivana Lie
1984 Indonesia Lius Pongoh China Li Lingwei Indonesia Christian Hadinata
Indonesia Hadibowo
England Nora Perry
England Jane Webster
1985 China Han Jian Indonesia Liem Swie King
Indonesia Hariamanto Kartono
China Han Aiping
China Li Lingwei
England Martin Dew
England Gillian Gilks
1986 Indonesia Icuk Sugiarto China Shi Wen Indonesia Verawaty Fadjrin
Indonesia Ivana Lie
Denmark Steen Fladberg
England Gillian Clark
1987 China Yang Yang China Li Lingwei Indonesia Liem Swie King
Indonesia Eddy Hartono
Indonesia Ivana Lie
Indonesia Rosiana Tendean
Denmark Jan Paulsen
England Gillian Gowers
1988 Indonesia Icuk Sugiarto Malaysia Razif Sidek
Malaysia Jalani Sidek
Indonesia Verawaty Fadjrin
Indonesia Yanti Kusmiati
Indonesia Eddy Hartono
Indonesia Erma Sulistianingsih
1989 China Xiong Guobao China Huang Hua Indonesia Eddy Hartono
Indonesia Rudy Gunawan
Indonesia Rosiana Tendean
Indonesia Erma Sulistianingsih
Indonesia Eddy Hartono
Indonesia Verawaty Fadjrin
1990 Indonesia Ardy Wiranata South Korea Lee Young-suk Malaysia Razif Sidek
Malaysia Jalani Sidek
South Korea Chung Myung-hee
South Korea Hwang Hye-young
Indonesia Rudy Gunawan
Indonesia Rosiana Tendean
1991 Indonesia Susi Susanti South Korea Kim Moon-soo
South Korea Park Joo-bong
Denmark Thomas Lund
Denmark Pernille Dupont
1992 China Ye Zhaoying Indonesia Rudy Gunawan
Indonesia Eddy Hartono
Indonesia Erma Sulistianingsih
Indonesia Rosiana Tendean
Sweden Pär-Gunnar Jönsson
Sweden Maria Bengtsson
1993 Indonesia Alan Budikusuma Indonesia Rexy Mainaky
Indonesia Ricky Subagja
Indonesia Finarsih
Indonesia Lili Tampi
Indonesia Rudy Gunawan
Indonesia Rosiana Tendean
1994 Indonesia Ardy Wiranata Indonesia Susi Susanti China Jiang Xin
China Zhang Jin
1995 Indonesia Rudy Gunawan
Indonesia Bambang Suprianto
China Ge Fei
China Gu Jun
Indonesia Tri Kusharjanto
Indonesia Minarti Timur
1996 Indonesia Joko Suprianto Indonesia Denny Kantono
Indonesia Antonius Ariantho
Indonesia Eliza Nathanael
Indonesia Zelin Resiana
1997 Indonesia Ardy Wiranata Indonesia Sigit Budiarto
Indonesia Candra Wijaya
1998 Malaysia Yong Hock Kin Indonesia Mia Audina Indonesia Rexy Mainaky
Indonesia Ricky Subagja
Indonesia Deyana Lomban
Indonesia Eliza Nathanael
1999 Indonesia Taufik Hidayat Indonesia Lidya Djaelawijaya Denmark Helene Kirkegaard
Denmark Rikke Olsen
2000 Denmark Camilla Martin Indonesia Tony Gunawan
Indonesia Candra Wijaya
England Joanne Goode
England Donna Kellogg
England Simon Archer
England Joanne Goode
2001 Indonesia Marleve Mainaky Indonesia Ellen Angelina Indonesia Sigit Budiarto
Indonesia Candra Wijaya
Indonesia Deyana Lomban
Indonesia Vita Marissa
Indonesia Tri Kusharjanto
Indonesia Emma Ermawati
2002 Indonesia Taufik Hidayat China Gong Ruina South Korea Lee Dong-soo
South Korea Yoo Yong-sung
China Gao Ling
China Huang Sui
Indonesia Bambang Suprianto
Indonesia Minarti Timur
2003 China Xie Xingfang China Sang Yang
China Zheng Bo
South Korea Kim Dong-moon
South Korea Ra Kyung-min
2004 Indonesia Luluk Hadiyanto
Indonesia Alvent Yulianto
China Yang Wei
China Zhang Jiewen
China Zhang Jun
China Gao Ling
2005 South Korea Lee Hyun-il Hong Kong Wang Chen Indonesia Markis Kido
Indonesia Hendra Setiawan
South Korea Lee Hyo-jung
South Korea Lee Kyung-won
Indonesia Nova Widianto
Indonesia Liliyana Natsir
2006 Indonesia Taufik Hidayat China Zhu Lin Indonesia Tony Gunawan
United States Candra Wijaya
China Wei Yili
China Zhang Yawen
China Xie Zhongbo
China Zhang Yawen
2007 Malaysia Lee Chong Wei Hong Kong Wang Chen China Cai Yun
China Fu Haifeng
China Du Jing
China Yu Yang
China Zheng Bo
China Gao Ling
2008 Indonesia Sony Dwi Kuncoro China Zhu Lin Malaysia Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif
Malaysia Mohd Fairuzizuan Mohd Tazari
Indonesia Vita Marissa
Indonesia Liliyana Natsir
2009 Malaysia Lee Chong Wei India Saina Nehwal South Korea Jung Jae-sung
South Korea Lee Yong-dae
Malaysia Chin Eei Hui
Malaysia Wong Pei Tty
China Zheng Bo
China Ma Jin
2010 Chinese Taipei Fang Chieh-min
Chinese Taipei Lee Sheng-mu
South Korea Kim Min-jung
South Korea Lee Hyo-jung
Poland Robert Mateusiak
Poland Nadieżda Kostiuczyk
2011 China Wang Yihan China Cai Yun
China Fu Haifeng
China Wang Xiaoli
China Yu Yang
China Zhang Nan
China Zhao Yunlei
2012 Indonesia Simon Santoso India Saina Nehwal South Korea Jung Jae-sung
South Korea Lee Yong-dae
Thailand Sudket Prapakamol
Thailand Saralee Thungthongkam
2013 Malaysia Lee Chong Wei China Li Xuerui Indonesia Mohammad Ahsan
Indonesia Hendra Setiawan
China Bao Yixin
China Cheng Shu
China Zhang Nan
China Zhao Yunlei
2014 Denmark Jan Ø. Jørgensen South Korea Lee Yong-dae
South Korea Yoo Yeon-seong
China Tian Qing
China Zhao Yunlei
Denmark Joachim Fischer Nielsen
Denmark Christinna Pedersen
2015 Japan Kento Momota Thailand Ratchanok Intanon South Korea Ko Sung-hyun
South Korea Shin Baek-cheol
China Tang Jinhua
China Tian Qing
China Xu Chen
China Ma Jin
2016 Malaysia Lee Chong Wei Chinese Taipei Tai Tzu-ying South Korea Lee Yong-dae
South Korea Yoo Yeon-seong
Japan Misaki Matsutomo
Japan Ayaka Takahashi
2017 India Srikanth Kidambi Japan Sayaka Sato China Li Junhui
China Liu Yuchen
China Chen Qingchen
China Jia Yifan
Indonesia Tontowi Ahmad
Indonesia Liliyana Natsir
2018 Japan Kento Momota Chinese Taipei Tai Tzu-ying Indonesia Marcus Fernaldi Gideon
Indonesia Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo
Japan Yuki Fukushima
Japan Sayaka Hirota
2019 Chinese Taipei Chou Tien-chen Japan Akane Yamaguchi China Zheng Siwei
China Huang Yaqiong
2020 Cancelled[note 1]
2021 Denmark Viktor Axelsen South Korea An Se-young Indonesia Marcus Fernaldi Gideon
Indonesia Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo
Japan Nami Matsuyama
Japan Chiharu Shida
Thailand Dechapol Puavaranukroh
Thailand Sapsiree Taerattanachai
  1. ^ This tournament, originally to be played from 17 to 22 November, was later cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

Multiple winners

Below is the list of the most successful players in the Indonesia Open:

Name MS WS MD WD XD Total
Indonesia Ardy Wiranata 6 6
Indonesia Tri Kusharjanto 6 6
Indonesia Minarti Timur 6 6
Indonesia Taufik Hidayat 6 6
Malaysia Lee Chong Wei 6 6
Indonesia Ivana Lie 1 2 2 5
China Li Lingwei 4 1 5
Indonesia Eddy Hartono 3 2 5
Indonesia Rosiana Tendean 3 2 5
Indonesia Rudy Gunawan 3 2 5
Indonesia Susi Susanti 5 5
China Gao Ling 2 3 5
Indonesia Hariamanto Kartono 4 4
Indonesia Liem Swie King 1 3 4
Indonesia Verawaty Fadjrin 1 2 1 4
Indonesia Ricky Subagja 4 4
Indonesia Rexy Mainaky 4 4
Indonesia Candra Wijaya 4 4
China Zheng Bo 1 3 4
South Korea Lee Yong-dae 4 4
Indonesia Liliyana Natsir 1 3 4
Indonesia Christian Hadinata 1 2 3
England Gillian Gilks 1 2 3
Indonesia Icuk Sugiarto 3 3
Indonesia Erma Sulistianingsih 2 1 3
Indonesia Eliza Nathanael 3 3
Indonesia Marcus Fernaldi Gideon 3 3
Indonesia Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo 3 3
China Yu Yang 3 3
India Saina Nehwal 3 3
China Zhao Yunlei 1 2 3
China Ma Jin 3 3
Indonesia Rudy Heryanto 2 2
England Martin Dew 2 2
England Gillian Clark 1 1 2
Malaysia Jalani Sidek 2 2
Malaysia Razif Sidek 2 2
South Korea Chung Myung-hee 2 2
South Korea Hwang Hye-young 2 2
China Ye Zhaoying 2 2
Indonesia Finarsih 2 2
Indonesia Lili Tampi 2 2
Indonesia Zelin Resiana 2 2
England Joanne Goode 1 1 2
Indonesia Sigit Budiarto 2 2
Indonesia Deyana Lomban 2 2
Indonesia Bambang Suprianto 1 1 2
China Huang Sui 2 2
China Xie Xingfang 2 2
IndonesiaUnited States Tony Gunawan[1] 2 2
China Zhang Yawen 1 1 2
Hong Kong Wang Chen 2 2
Indonesia Vita Marissa 2 2
China Zhu Lin 2 2
South Korea Lee Hyo-jung 2 2
China Cai Yun 2 2
China Fu Haifeng 2 2
South Korea Jung Jae-sung 2 2
China Wang Xiaoli 2 2
Indonesia Hendra Setiawan 2 2
China Zhang Nan 2 2
China Li Xuerui 2 2
China Tian Qing 2 2
South Korea Yoo Yeon-seong 2 2
China Xu Chen 2 2
Chinese Taipei Tai Tzu-ying 2 2
Indonesia Tontowi Ahmad 2 2
Japan Kento Momota 2 2
Japan Yuki Fukushima 2 2
Japan Sayaka Hirota 2 2
^1 – Tony Gunawan won one title representing Indonesia and one with the United States

Performances by nation[edit]

As of MS final (5/5 matches) of the 2021 edition
Pos Nation MS WS MD WD XD Total
1  Indonesia 22 10 23.5 13 16 84.5
2  China 3 16 4 13 11 47
3  South Korea 1 2 7 4 1 15
4  Malaysia 7 3 1 11
5  Japan 2 2 4 8
6  Denmark 2 1 1 3 7
 England 3 4 7
8  Chinese Taipei 1 2 1 4
 India 1 3 4
10  Thailand 1 2 3
11  Hong Kong 2 2
12  Poland 1 1
 Sweden 1 1
14  United States 0.5 0.5
Total 39 39 39 39 39 195


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