Blanche of Portugal
D. Branca, Infanta de Portugal, Senhora de Guadalajara - The Portuguese Genealogy (Genealogia dos Reis de Portugal).png
Blanche of Portugal, in Antonio de Hollanda's Genealogy of the Royal Houses of Spain and Portugal (1530-1534)
Kingdom of Portugal
Diedc. 1240
Guadalajara, Crown of Castile
HousePortuguese House of Burgundy
FatherSancho I
MotherDulce of Aragon
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Branca of Portugal (1198 – Guadalajara, c. 1240;[1] Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈbɾɐ̃kɐ]; English: Blanche) was a Portuguese infanta (princess), eighth child of Portuguese King Sancho I and Dulce of Aragon, was probably the twin sister of Berengaria,[1] she was raised in the court with her father and his mistress "a Ribeirinha" and, when she was eight or ten years old, was sent to live with her sisters at the Monastery of Lorvão. She was a nun at a convent in Guadalajara and was interred at the Monastery of Santa Cruz in Coimbra where her mother was buried.[2]



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