Inpui Naga
Total population
10,000 approx. (2011)
Inpui language
Christianity, Animism
Related ethnic groups
Other Naga people, Zeliangrong, Kharam

The Inpui tribe are one of the indigenous Naga tribes of Manipur, India.[1] The majority of the Inpuis are settled in the Haochong subdivision in Noney District, and in Tamenglong district, Manipur. Inpuis are also settled in Makuilongdi, Senapati headquarter, & Inthan (Waphong) in Senapati district and also in Changangei, Tamphagei, Yurembam, Pantilong, Sagolband in Imphal west district in Manipur. Moreover, Inpuis are also settled in Nagaland and Assam as well. The highest peak in Inpui Naga land is Antrimon 12 km far away from Haochong village and numerous rivers and streams run through the land like Tuilang, Lingkwa and Ra-ah.

Some historians and anthropologists have earlier recorded them as Kabui along with Rongmei. The Inpuis are the original Kabuis and not Rongmei. The origin of the term can be traced to Inpui. They are listed as a Scheduled Tribe, in accordance with The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Orders (Amendment) Act, 1976 Indian Constitution.[2][3] They celebrate festivals like Karing-ngei, Somdungnu, Tataaknu, and Muliaang.[4]


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