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The Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) is part of the Department of Engineering of the University of Cambridge. The IfM integrates research and education with practical application in industry. It disseminates its research findings via a university-owned knowledge transfer company, IfM Engage.[1][2]


The IfM is located at the Alan Reece building on the University's West Cambridge Site[3] in the United Kingdom. Previously, the institute occupied the former Cambridge University Press building in Mill Lane before moving to the large, custom building in West Cambridge in June 2009.[4]

IfM Engage

IfM Engage Ltd is a university-owned company,[5] embedded within the IfM and responsible for the IfM's knowledge transfer and dissemination activities. IfM Engage involves a team of experienced industry professionals who work closely with IfM research centers to ensure a seamless exchange of ideas between the industry and the university. They engage with companies via a program of education and consultancy services, short courses, and events. Projects range from small-scale operational improvements for local companies to a major business realignment of multi-national corporations and the public sector. [6][7]


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