Institute of Forensic Medicine of Albania
Instituti i Mjekësisë Ligjore
The coat of arms of the Albanian Institute of Forensic Medicine
Agency overview
JurisdictionAlbania Government of Albania
Agency executive
Parent agencyMinistry of Justice

The Albanian Institute of Forensic Medicine (Albanian: Instituti i Mjekësisë Ligjore, abbreviated IML) is the national forensics institute of Albania organized under the Ministry of Justice, responsible for forensic psychiatry, forensic chemistry, forensic medicine and forensic genetics.[2]


The agency performs laboratory analyses of samples which have been taken from various types of crime scenes to solve the investigative-judicial issues of a medical and biological nature. At the same time, the Ministry of Health and Health Institutions uses data of forensic expertise to strengthen the technical-scientific discipline, improve the quality of medical-diagnostic work, preventive war against negligence and medical errors, and in the study of causes of traumas, poisonings, unexpected deaths, etc.[3]

Main tasks

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