Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat
Insurgency - Modern Infantry Combat Logo.png
Developer(s)Insurgency Development Team
Publisher(s)New World Interactive
Platform(s)Windows, OS X, Linux
  • WW: October 23, 2007
Genre(s)First-person shooter

Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat is a total conversion mod for Valve's Source engine.[1][2] Released in 2007, it's a multiplayer tactical shooter, focused on a realistic experience, compared to other titles in that period.[1] The game is primarily set in Iraq and Afghanistan, in a war between the United States Marine Corps, and a group of rebel insurgents.[1][3]

Thanks to the success of Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, the developers founded the company New World Interactive in 2010;[4] a standalone sequel, titled Insurgency, was then released in 2014.[5]


The game is primarily a team-based, multiplayer online shooter focused on tactical, objective-based gameplay. The player can join one of two faction: the United States Marine Corps, or the Insurgents, a group of rebels inspired by the Taliban.[1][3] The factions are split into smaller squads, led by a squad leader, who can request their members to attack, defend, move into, or secure points on the map.[1]

Each squad contains multiple classes to choose from, limited in number (such as Rifleman, Support Gunner, Engineer or Marksman); each class sports a different variety of weapons and equipment.[1] The game has a pseudo-realistic portrayal of the weaponry used. There is no on-screen crosshair and the players must use the iron sights of the game's weapon model to accurately aim the weapon. Shooting "from the hip" is still possible; however, the free-aim system makes this difficult. Weapons are also more deadly than in most first-person shooter titles, as most rifles are capable of taking out players with one or two shots to the torso, and attempt to imitate real-life ballistics.[6] According to their class, players can also use fragmentation grenades, smoke grenades, and RPGs.[7]

Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat doesn't feature a typical respawn system. Instead, the game makes use of a reinforcement wave system: all eliminated players respawn together, at the end of a preset timer. Waves are limited in number, therefore if a faction remains with no waves, and all surviving players are eliminated, it's an automatic loss, and victory is given to the opponent.[1][6]

Development history

The development of Operation: Counter-Insurgency (OPCOIN) started in 2002, when Andrew Spearin decided to create a realistic modern infantry squad-based multiplayer first-person shooter, based on his experiences in the Canadian Army.[8]

Jeremy Blum, founder of the Red Orchestra mod, joined the team in 2005, along with other former Red Orchestra developers.[7] Blum renamed the project into simply Insurgency (later known as Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat); full production started and continued until the first public release in 2007.[7] Various updates were released in the following years, introducing new content and improvements to the game.[2]


In 2012, developers at New World Interactive announced they had been working on a successor, titled Insurgency 2, and the creation of a website for the Insurgency franchise.[1][9][10]

The game was renamed Insurgency, and was published on Steam as early access in March 2013.[11] 10 months later, the game officially released on the 22nd of January, 2014.[11]


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