Intangible cultural heritage (Ukrainian: Нематеріальна культурна спадщина) are elements of the cultural heritage of Ukraine which are abstract and must be learned, encompassing traditional knowledge including festivals, music, performances, celebrations, handicrafts, and oral traditions.

Starting from 2013, five items are inscribed on the UNESCO registry of Ukraine's Intangible Cultural Heritage as of July 2022,[1] and five items — Ukrainian pysanka, safeguarding of the kobzar-lirnyk tradition, technology of white-on-white embroidery in Reshetylivka, Polissian dudka-vykrutka, and safeguarding of the tradition of the Generous Evening — were nominated in 2023 and 2024.[2][3]

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has also formed the National Inventory of Elements of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ukraine.[4]

UNESCO inscribed list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ukraine

# Item Year inscribed Comment Media
1 Petrykivka decorative painting 2013 It is a traditional Ukrainian decorative painting style, originating from the village of Petrykivka in Dnipropetrovsk oblast of Ukraine, where it was traditionally used to decorate house walls and everyday household items. [5]
Painted box
2 Cossack’s songs of Dnipropetrovsk Region.[6] 2016 These works, sung by Cossack communities in the region, talk about the tragedy of war and the personal experiences of soldiers. The lyrics maintain spiritual ties with the past, but are also entertaining.[7]
Cossack singers
3 Kosiv painted ceramics 2019 The distinctive painted ceramics from Kosiv originated in the 1700s and reflect the history and culture of Hutsul people.[8]
Kosiv painted ceramics
4 Örnek, a Crimean Tatar system of symbolic designs 2021 It is a design of ornamentation, which is used on embroidery, weaving, pottery, engraving, jewellery, wood carving, and glass and wall painting; the listing also includes knowledge and understanding of the practice.[9]
Adaviye Efendiyeva design
5 Culture of Ukrainian borscht cooking 2022 In 2022 this distinctive beetroot soup was nominated for recognition by UNESCO for its place as a distinct culinary practice in Ukraine.[10][11][12]
Ukrainian borscht

National Inventory of Elements of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ukraine

As of May 2024, ninety-seven items are inscribed in the National Inventory of Elements of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ukraine.[13] The list is divided into five sections.[14]

# Item Date inscribed Media
1 Tradition of Kosiv painted ceramics December 14, 2012
2 Krolevets handloom weaving [uk] December 14, 2012
3 Opishnia ceramics [uk] December 14, 2012
4 Petrykivka painting, a Ukrainian decorative ornamental art of 19th–21st centuries December 14, 2012
5 Cossack's songs of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast January 21, 2015
6 Singing tradition of Luka village in Kyiv Oblast June 29, 2017
7 Technology of "white on white" embroidery [uk] of Reshetylivka June 29, 2017
8 Tradition of floral ornamental carpet weaving in Reshetylivka [uk] February 12, 2018
9 Tradition of ornamental painting of Bubnivka ceramics [uk] May 30, 2018
10 Tree beekeeping May 30, 2018
11 Tradition of Hutsul pysanka November 16, 2018
12 Tradition of folk ritual "Vodinnia Kusta [uk]" in Svarytsevychi village in Rivne Oblast November 16, 2018
13 Tradition of Samchyky decorative painting [uk] July 4, 2019
14 Artistic wood carving of Chernihiv Oblast July 4, 2019
15 Hutsul koliada and pliesy of Verkhovyna Raion of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast December 28, 2019
16 Custom of performing Arkan with Kovalivka dance in Pechenizhyn settlement hromada August 5, 2020
17 Art of making the musical clay toy "Valkivskyi svyshchyk [uk]" August 5, 2020
18 Technology of making wax vinok in Vinnytsia Oblast August 5, 2020
19 Culture of Ukrainian borscht cooking October 13, 2020
20 Carpathian lizhnyk production October 13, 2020
21 Borshchiv folk embroidery [uk] October 13, 2020
22 Technology of Klembivka embroided shirt weaving "with a flower" October 13, 2020
23 Easter folk ritual "Vodyty Volodara" in Rozkoshivka village in Vinnytsia Oblast October 13, 2020
24 Tradition of Yavoriv pie [uk] cooking July 6, 2022
25 Making the spherical Christmas star in Matskovychi village July 6, 2022
26 Knowledge and practice of Sakhnovshchyna korovai cooking July 6, 2022
27 New Year tradition of Bukovina Malanka July 6, 2022
28 Characteristics of Klezmer music performance in Podilsk Raion of Odesa Oblast July 6, 2022
29 "Moshu" (men's koliada) Christmas ritual July 6, 2022
30 Knowledge, skills and practices concerning Biliaivka fish yushka cooking and eating July 6, 2022
31 Milina – knowledge, skills, and rituals July 6, 2022
32 Dry stone method of construction July 6, 2022
33 Buzynnyk [uk] – an elderberry dessert, traditions of cooking and eating July 6, 2022
34 Tradition of cooking the ritual dish "krupky" in Mostove village in Andrushivka hromada in Zhytomyr Oblast July 6, 2022
35 Art of making the Yavoriv wooden toy [uk] July 6, 2022
36 Tradition of vine weaving in Iza village in Khust Raion July 6, 2022
37 Hutsul bryndzia July 6, 2022
38 Culture of platsynda cooking and eating in the villages of Frumushyka river valley July 6, 2022
39 Ukrainian pysanka: tradition and art July 6, 2022
40 Tree beekeeping of Kyiv Oblast July 6, 2022
41 Tradition of straw plaiting in Turiisk hromada of Volyn Oblast July 25, 2022
42 Plum lekvar – tradition of cooking and culture of eating in Zakarpattia July 25, 2022
43 Ceremony of sowing with a horse in Vistria village in Chortkiv Raion in Ternopil Oblast October 24, 2022
44 Traditional ritual bread of Vinnytsia Oblast December 23, 2022
45 Kobzarstvo December 23, 2022
46 Upper San dialect around Mostyska region December 23, 2022
47 Bukovinian and Bessarabian taystra: traditions of making and using in daily life January 27, 2023
48 Tradition of cooking and eating St. George's Day ritual breads in Krynychne village February 17, 2023
49 Tradition of reed weaving in Shchitky and Pysarivka villages in Vinnytsia Raion in Vinnytsia Oblast May 4, 2023
50 Tradition of grave cross decoration in Rivne Polissia May 4, 2023
51 Cooking of holubtsi, a Ukrainian traditional dish May 4, 2023
52 Traditional sheep farming in Bessarabia and the knowledge related to it May 4, 2023
53 Tradition of "Povinshuvannia Vasyliv" ritual in Lypivka village in Rohatyn territorial hromada in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast May 4, 2023
54 Bukovinian memorial tree with gifts May 25, 2023
55 Tradition of Hutsul artistic wood carving July 12, 2023
56 Traditional Malanka ritual in Beleluia village in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast July 12, 2023
57 Traditional women's bead jewelry in Prykarpattia July 12, 2023
58 Tradition and technology of embroidery of women's shirts in Hadiach region July 12, 2023
59 Ceremony of cooking zlyvana kasha July 26, 2023
60 Technology of cooking the ritual drink "Varena" in Boromlia village July 26, 2023
61 Tradition and technology of manufacturing Obukhiv "stitched" rushnyk December 12, 2023
62 Traditional holiday "Mira" December 26, 2023
63 Traditional weaving in Kamin-Kashyrskyi hromada December 26, 2023
64 Tradition of Shchedryi vechir in Ukraine December 26, 2023
65 Tradition of drying fruits in villages of Okhtyrka region December 26, 2023
66 Tradition of cooking and eating "Zozulia" kasha [uk] February 23, 2024
67 Traditional folk game "Ashyk" May 27, 2024
68 Tradition of performing the ritual men's dance "Serben" [uk] in Chortovets village May 27, 2024
69 Culture of traditional Hutsul cheese shaping [uk] May 27, 2024
70 Wedding ritual of "Chytannia korony" May 27, 2024

Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding

The inventory includes elements of intangible cultural heritage that are under threat of disappearing due to hostilities, consequences of temporary occupation, natural impacts, or temporary displacement of population.[14]

# Item Date inscribed Media
1 Oleshnia pottery in Chernihiv Oblast July 4, 2019
2 The custom and technology of cooking the festive and memorial kasha in Avdiivka in Donetsk Oblast July 6, 2022
3 Wedding utiata baking in Richky village December 23, 2022
4 Ritual of Zelekivska zlyvanka cooking December 23, 2022
5 Hutsul cooperage December 23, 2022
6 Art of making Hlyniany patterned textile January 27, 2023
7 Polissian dudka-vykrutka: traditions of making and playing January 27, 2023
8 Obukhovychi weaving [uk] March 13, 2023
9 Traditional craft of beekeeping in Svatove Raion in Luhansk Oblast July 12, 2023
10 Bukovina ceremonial vinok with needle grass July 26, 2023
11 Ritual "Honinnia hadiuk" November 20, 2023
12 Wedding braiding ceremony in the settlement of Bilokurakyne November 20, 2023
13 Lent holubtsi with potatoes, the tradition of preparation and consumption December 12, 2023
14 Tradition of herbalism in Starobilsk region December 26, 2023
15 Kobolchyn ceramics December 26, 2023
16 Tradition of cooking zatirka in Kryva Luka village February 23, 2024

Inventory of Proper Practices of Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage

The inventory accredits communities and organizations that help to preserve intangible cultural heritage.[14]

# Item Date inscribed Media
1 Traditional Kharkiv kots [uk] weaving July 6, 2022
2 Museum of traditional folk art [uk] as an interactive space of the intangible cultural heritage of Odesa Oblast July 6, 2022
3 International Christmas festival "Koliada na Maizliakh [uk]" July 6, 2022
4 Practice of safekeeping the Goryun culture by "Museum of Goryun culture [uk]" in Nova Sloboda village in Konotop Raion in Sumy Oblast January 27, 2023
5 Practice of the protection [uk] of traditional crafts and folk art November 20, 2023
6 Practice of safekeeping of "Hutsul pattern (ornament) and related cultural space" April 26, 2024

Inventory that Represents the Culture of Indigenous Peoples of Ukraine

The inventory highlights elements of intangible cultural heritage that belong to indigenous peoples of Ukraine,[14] which include Crimean Tatars, Crimean Karaites, and Krymchaks.

# Item Date inscribed Media
1 Örnek, a Crimean Tatar ornament and the knowledge about it February 12, 2018
2 Tradition of et ayaklak (Karaim meat pie) cooking. Experience of Karaims of Melitopol November 16, 2018
3 Practice and cultural context of cooking çiberek and yantıq – traditional Crimean Tatar dishes July 25, 2022
4 Coffee tradition [uk] of Crimean Tatars February 23, 2024
5 Ağır ava ve Qaytarma – traditional dance of Crimean Tatars February 23, 2024

There also exists the Inventory of Elements that Have Been Revived due to the Disappearance of Tradition, but there are currently no items on the list.[14]


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