International Peace Research Association
Secretaries General
Christine Atieno
Matt Meyer

The International Peace Research Association is a global network of academics. It was founded in 1964 and promotes peace by supporting national organizations, hosting conferences, publishing and supporting the publication of peace-promoting journals.


The International Peace Research Association was founded in 1964[1] and is a global network of educators and researchers who collaborate on peace-building activities.[2]

The association encourages national and international peace-building education and supports the dissemination of peace-promoting research.[2]

The 2021-2023 co-secretaries generals are Christine Atieno and Matt Meyer.[3]


The association organizes a biannual conference, sponsors peace journals, and publishes a newsletter.[4]

In 1973, it formed the Peace Education Commission, that identifies and describes the work of International Peace Research Association members.[1]

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