International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
HeadquartersHanover, MD
  • United States, Canada
103,858 (2014)[1]
Key people
Jimmy Williams Jr., General President

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) is a trade union representing about 100,000 painters, glaziers, wall coverers, flooring installers, convention and trade show decorators, glassworkers, sign and display workers, asbestos worker/hazmat technician and drywall finishers in the United States and Canada.[2] Most of its members work in the construction industry. The union's headquarters are located in Hanover, MD.

District Council 9, New York
IUPAT presence in support of Jon Corzine at a rally during the 2009 New Jersey gubernatorial race.

Originally called the Brotherhood of Painters and Decorators of America, the union was first formed in 1887.[3] The union changed its name to International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades in January 1970.

Local unions belong to district councils. District councils perform most of the services of the union. IUPAT is affiliated with the AFL–CIO in the U.S.

Electoral politics

The Painters was one of three unions (SEIU and AFSCME were the others) to endorse Howard Dean during the 2004 Democratic primaries.[4] In a surprise move in 2008, IUPAT endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.[5] The union had endorsed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, and endorsed Barack Obama for president in June 2008.[6] They endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary.[7]



1887: Joseph Harrold[8]
1888: George A. Thompson[8]
1892: Joseph W. McKinney[8]
1894: John M. Welter[8]
1894: James H. Sullivan[8]
1896: Michael P. Carrick[8]
1897: Robert H. Siekmann[8]
1898: Frederick J. Kneeland[8]
1899: William DeVaux[8]
1901: Joseph C. Balhorn[8]
1909: George F. Hendrick[8]
1928: John M. Finan[8]
1929: Lawrence P. Lindelof[8]
1951: Lawrence M. Raftery[8]
1965: Bud Raftery[8]
1984: William A. Duval
1992: A. L. Monroe
1998: Michael E. Monroe
2003: James A. Williams Sr.
2013: Ken Rigmaiden
2021: James A. Williams Jr.


1887: John T. Elliot
1896: Joseph W. McKinney
1897: John Barrett
1899: W. C. Rese
1899: Frank Hognan
1900: W. T. Cornelly
1901: Michael P. Carrick
1904: Joseph C. Skemp
1922: Charles J. Lammert
1927: Clarence E. Swick
1942: Lawrence M. Raftery
1952: William H. Rohrberg
1966: O. T. Satre
1972: Michael DiSilvestro
1976: Robert Petersdorf
1987: A. L. Monroe
1992: Walter G. Raftery
1995: James A. Williams Sr.
2003: George Galis
2021: Greg Smith

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