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Launched1953; 71 years ago (1953)


INTERVAC began in Europe in the early 1950s with a group of teachers who had ample vacation time and were seeking cost-effective ways to travel internationally. After a few exchanges, they realized that living in each other's homes was fantastic for cultivating international friendships. Our concept has continued to grow since then, initially through word of mouth from satisfied members. Currently, INTERVAC offers its services worldwide to around 12,000 members, facilitating home exchanges for all types of families.


Intervac Home Exchange offers several benefits to its members, including:

1. Cost-Effective Travel: By swapping homes, members eliminate accommodation costs, allowing for more budget-friendly travel experiences.

2. Cultural Immersion: Living in a local neighborhood provides a deeper understanding of the destination, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation.

3. Personalized Experiences: Members have the opportunity to experience destinations from a local's perspective, discovering hidden gems and unique aspects of each location.

4. Environmental Sustainability:Home exchange promotes eco-friendly travel by reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional accommodation options.

5. Dedicated Support with Local Agents: Intervac is committed to ensuring a seamless experience for its members. With agents in each country, members can easily communicate in their preferred language and consistently interact with the same person. This personalized support enhances the overall exchange process, providing members with a reliable point of contact for any inquiries or assistance needed.

Global Reach

With a vast network spanning over 60 countries, Intervac Home Exchange offers a wide array of destinations for its members. The organization continues to expand its reach, connecting individuals from different cultures and backgrounds who share a passion for travel and exploration.

Recognition and Trust

Having stood the test of time, Intervac has garnered trust and recognition within the home exchange community. Its commitment to facilitating safe and enriching travel experiences, coupled with personalized support from local agents, has contributed to its enduring reputation.

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Intervac Home Exchange remains a pioneer in the travel industry, providing a platform for individuals to embark on unique adventures, forge connections, and create lasting memories through the shared experience of home swapping.

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