Into the Light
Cover of first edition hardcover
AuthorsDavid Weber
Chris Kennedy
Cover artistStephan Martinière
CountryUnited States
GenreAlien invasion
PublisherTor Books
Publication date
12 January 2021
Media typePrint (hardcover)
ISBN978-0-7653-3145-8 (hardcover)
Preceded byOut of the Dark 

Into the Light is an alien invasion science fiction novel by David Weber and Chris Kennedy released by Tor Books on January 12, 2021. It is the continuation of Weber's earlier book, Out of the Dark.


On a devastated Earth, salvaged Shongairi technology sets humanity up to recover and advance beyond the tragedy of alien invasion, soon to be united under the banner of the newly formed Planetary Union. As the leap in technology and scientific knowledge sets humanity up for a bright interstellar future, Dave Dvorak starts looking among the stars for allies in the coming confrontation with the Galactic Hegemony.

At the same time, Vlad Dracuela and Stephen Buchevsky lead the captured and now vampire-crewed Shongairi fleet on its journey to enemy space.

Main characters




This book was reviewed by the Wall Street Journal[1] and Publishers Weekly.[2]


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