Invasion of the Cat-People
Invasion of the Cat People.jpg
Cover Art
AuthorGary Russell
SeriesDoctor Who book:
Virgin Missing Adventures
Release number
Second Doctor
Ben, Polly
Set inPeriod between
The Power of the Daleks and The Murder Game[1][2]
PublisherVirgin Books
Publication date
August 1995
Preceded byThe Sorcerer's Apprentice 
Followed byManagra 

Invasion of the Cat-People is an original novel written by Gary Russell and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Second Doctor, Ben and Polly.


Earth has been invaded twice: first, many millennia ago by beings searching for a new energy source, and then more recently, by alien marauders known as the Cat-People, who intend to finish the job. To stop them, the newly regenerated Doctor, along with Ben and Polly, teams up with a group of amateur ghost-hunters and a white witch on an expansive journey that takes them from twentieth-century Cumbria, to the Arabian deserts and Australia from 40,000 years ago.


Based on the events of the Big Finish audio The Pyralis Effect, it can be argued that the most likely location for the cat peoples' home planet is Delta Pavonis IV.


  1. ^ The Doctor's Timeline at The Whoniverse gives support for specific placement relative to other spin-off media.
  2. ^ Placement between The Power of the Daleks and The Highlanders confirmed by cover blurb.