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The Federal Inventory of Heritage Sites (ISOS) is part of a 1981 Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Council implementing the Federal Law on the Protection of Nature and Cultural Heritage.

Sites of national importance

Site Canton Type
Aarau AG city
Aarburg AG town
Bad Schinznach (Schinznach Bad) AG special case
Baden/Ennetbaden AG city
Biberstein AG special case
Boswil AG village
Böttstein AG special case
Bremgarten AG town
Brugg AG city
Elfingen AG village
Endingen AG special case
Frick AG urbanized village
Hasli (Muri) AG hamlet
Hellikon AG village
Herznach AG village
Hettenschwil (Leuggern) AG hamlet
Hornussen AG village
Husen (Lengnau) AG hamlet
Ittenthal AG village
Jonen AG village
Kaiseraugst AG village
Kaiserstuhl AG town
Kirchbözberg (Unterbözberg) AG special case
Kirchdorf (Obersiggenthal) AG village
Klingnau AG town
Kloster Fahr (Würenlos) AG special case
Königsfelden Abbey (Windisch) AG special case
Laufenburg AG town
Lengnau AG special case
Lenzburg AG town
Linn AG village
Mandach AG village
Meisterschwanden AG special case
Mellingen AG town
Merenschwand AG village
Oberflachs AG village
Oberzeihen (Zeihen) AG hamlet
Obschlagen/Litzi (Jonen) AG hamlet
Oetlikon (Würenlos) AG hamlet
Rheinfelden AG town
Rupperswil Fabrikanlage (Rupperswil) AG special case
Schinznach Dorf AG village
Schöftland AG urbanized village
Tegerfelden AG village
Thalheim AG village
Ueberthal (Oberbözberg) AG hamlet
Unterendingen AG village
Veltheim AG village
Villigen AG village
Vogelsang (Lengnau) AG hamlet
Wallbach AG village
Wegenstetten AG village
Wettingen Limmatknie (Wettingen) AG special case
Wiggwil (Beinwil) AG hamlet
Wildegg (Möriken-Wildegg) AG special case
Winterschwil (Beinwil) AG hamlet
Wittnau AG village
Wölflinswil AG village
Würenlingen AG village
Zofingen AG town
Zurzach AG town
Appenzell AI city
Schlatt AI hamlet
Aarberg BE town
Schloss Aarwangen/Schürhof (Aarwangen) BE special case
Adlemsried (Boltigen) BE hamlet
Aeckenmatt (Wahlern) BE hamlet
Attiswil BE village
Balzenberg (Erlenbach im Simmental) BE hamlet
Bangerten BE village
Bellelay (Saicourt) BE special case
Berne BE city
Biel BE city
Bigel (Hasle bei Burgdorf) BE hamlet
Bipschal (Ligerz) BE hamlet
Bleienbach BE village
Blumenstein Kirche/Wäsemli/Eschli (Blumenstein) BE hamlet
Boltigen BE village
Bönigen BE village
Breitenegg (Wynigen) BE hamlet
Bremgarten bei Bern BE special case
Brienz BE urbanized village
Brienzwiler BE village
Brittenwald (Oberburg) BE hamlet
Brünigen (Meiringen) BE hamlet
Büelikofen/Graben (Zollikofen) BE hamlet
Bümpliz-Bethlehem (Berne) BE urbanized village
Büren an der Aare BE town
Büren zum Hof BE village
Burgdorf BE city
Bütikofen (Kirchberg) BE hamlet
Champoz BE village
Châtelat BE village
Chavannes (La Neuveville) BE hamlet
Chlyrot (Untersteckholz) BE hamlet
Cortébert BE village
Crémines BE village
Därstetten Kirche/Moos BE special case
Deisswil bei Münchenbuchsee BE hamlet
Diemtigen BE village
Diesse BE village
Dürrenroth BE village
Elektrizitätswerk Hagneck (Hagneck) BE special case
Elektrizitätswerk Kallnach (Kallnach) BE special case
Elisried (Wahlern) BE hamlet
Epsach BE village
Erlach BE town
Erlenbach im Simmental BE village
Flüelen (Lützelflüh) BE hamlet
Gals BE village
Gammen (Ferenbalm) BE village
Gäserz (Brüttelen) BE hamlet
Gerzensee BE village
Gimmelwald (Lauterbrunnen) BE hamlet
Goldbach (Hasle bei Burgdorf) BE village
Gorges de la Suze/Taubenlochschlucht (Péry, Vauffelin, Bienne) BE special case
Gottstatt (Orpund) BE special case
Grandval BE village
Gsteig bei Gstaad BE village
Gsteig bei Interlaken (Gsteigwiler/Wilderswil) BE village
Guetisberg (Heimiswil) BE hamlet
Guggisberg BE village
Gurtendörfli (Köniz) BE hamlet
Siedlung Halen (Kirchlindach) BE special case
Hämlismatt (Arni) BE hamlet
Häutligen BE village
Herzogenbuchsee BE urbanized village
Herzwil (Köniz) BE hamlet
Schloss Hindelbank (Hindelbank) BE special case
Hofen (Wohlen); see Hofenmühle BE hamlet
Hofwil (Münchenbuchsee) BE special case
Hotel Giessbach (Brienz) BE special case
Huttwil BE town
Illiswil (Wohlen) BE hamlet
Ins BE village
Interlaken (Interlaken/Unterseen) BE urbanized village
Iseltwald BE village
Jerisberghof (Ferenbalm) BE hamlet
Jolimontgut (Gals) BE special case
Kanderbrück (Frutigen) BE hamlet
Kirchdorf BE village
Kleine Scheidegg (Lauterbrunnen) BE special case
Kleinhöchstetten (Rubigen) BE hamlet
La Neuveville BE town
Schloss Landshut (Utzenstorf) BE special case
Längenbach (Lauperswil) BE hamlet
Langenthal BE town
Langnau im Emmental BE urbanized village
Laupen BE town
Le Cernil/La Chaux-de-Tramelan (Tramelan) BE hamlet
Leuzigen BE village
Liebewil (Köniz) BE hamlet
Ligerz BE village
Limpach BE village
Lindental (Vechigen) BE hamlet
Lützelflüh BE village
Lyssach BE village
Meienried BE special case
Meiniswil (Aarwangen) BE hamlet
Meiringen BE urbanized village
Mengestorf (Köniz) BE hamlet
Moosaffoltern (Rapperswil) BE hamlet
Möriswil (Wohlen) BE hamlet
Mötschwil BE hamlet
Moutier BE urbanized village
Kraftwerk Mühleberg (Mühleberg) BE special case
Mülchi BE village
Münchenwiler BE village
Anstalt Münsingen (Münsingen) BE special case
Nidau BE town
Nidflue (Därstetten) BE hamlet
Niederbottigen (Berne) BE hamlet
Niederösch BE village
Nods BE village
Oberbipp BE village
Oberbütschel (Rüeggisberg) BE hamlet
Oberdettigen (Wohlen) BE hamlet
Oberdiessbach BE urbanized village
Oberhofen BE urbanized village
Oberösch BE hamlet
Oberwil bei Büren BE village
Oberwil im Simmental BE village
Ochlenberg BE hamlet
Orvin BE village
Pfaffenried (Oberwil im Simmental) BE hamlet
Ranflüh (Rüderswil/Lützelflüh) BE village
Reconvilier BE urbanized village
Renan BE village
Ried (Rüderswil) BE hamlet
Riedbach (Berne, Frauenkappelen) BE hamlet
Riedern (Berne) BE hamlet
Riedtwil (Seeberg) BE village
Ringgenberg BE village
Rohrbach BE village
Rohrmoos (Oberburg) BE hamlet
Rüderswil BE village
Rüeggisberg BE village
Rumendingen BE village
Rüti bei Büren BE village
Rybrügg/Hasli (Frutigen) BE special case
Saanen BE village
Saint-Imier BE urbanized village
Im Sand (Moosseedorf) BE special case
Schufelbüel (Lützelflüh) BE hamlet
Schwanden (Rüeggisberg) BE hamlet
Schwanden (Schüpfen) BE village
Schwarzenburg (Wahlern) BE town
Seewil (Rapperswil) BE village
Signau BE village
Siselen BE village
Souboz BE village
St. Johannsen (Gals) BE special case
St. Petersinsel (Twann) BE special case
Sumiswald BE village
Taubenlochschlucht (Biel u.a.) BE special case
Tavannes BE urbanized village
Thun BE city
Trachselwald (Trachselwald/Lützelflüh) BE village
Trub BE village
Tüscherz (Tüscherz-Alfermée) BE village
Twann BE village
Unterseen (Unterseen/Interlaken) BE town
Vinelz BE village
Vordere Chlapf (Gerzensee) BE hamlet
Wäckerschwend (Ochlenberg) BE hamlet
Waldau (Berne) BE special case
Waldhaus (Lützelflüh) BE hamlet
Walperswil BE village
Wangen an der Aare BE town
Wattenwil (Worb) BE hamlet
Weissenburg (Därstetten) BE special case
Wiedlisbach BE town
Wiggiswil BE hamlet
Wilderswil BE urbanized village
Wiler (Därstetten) BE hamlet
Wiler (Sigriswil) BE hamlet
Wileroltigen BE village
Willadingen BE village
Wimmis BE village
Wingreis (Twann) BE hamlet
Winterswil (Schüpfen) BE hamlet
Witenbach (Lauperswil) BE hamlet
Wolei (Frauenkappelen) BE hamlet
Worbletal (Bolligen, Ittigen, Ostermundigen, Stettlen) BE special case
Zimlisberg (Rapperswil) BE hamlet
Allschwil BL village
Angenstein (Duggingen) BL special case
Anwil BL village
Arisdorf BL village
Arlesheim BL village
Augst mit Augusta Raurica BL special case
Bennwil BL village
Brüglingen (Münchenstein) BL special case
Burg im Leimental BL village
Buus BL village
Freidorf (Muttenz) BL special case
Gelterkinden BL urbanized village
Itingen BL village
Kilchberg BL village
Laufen BL town
Lausen BL special case
Liesbergmüli BL special case
Liestal BL town
Maisprach BL village
Muttenz BL village
Oltingen BL village
Pratteln BL urbanized village
Rothenfluh BL village
Rümlingen BL village
Schöntal (Langenbruck) BL special case
Sissach BL urbanized village
Waldenburg BL town
Wenslingen BL village
Wintersingen BL village
Ziefen BL village
Zwingen BL urbanized village
Basel BS city
Riehen BS urbanized village
St. Chrischona (Bettingen) BS special case
Barberêche/Petit et Grand Vivy (Barberêche) FR special case
Bösingen FR village
Bourguillon (Fribourg) FR special case
Broc-Fabrique (Broc) FR special case
Broc-Vieille Cure (Broc) FR special case
Bulle FR town
Bussy FR village
Châtel-Saint-Denis FR town
Chavannes-les-Forts (Siviriez) FR village
Corbières FR special case
Cressier FR village
Dompierre FR village
Estavannens FR village
Estavayer-le-Lac FR town
Font FR special case
Fribourg FR city
Galmis (Düdingen) FR hamlet
Grandvillard FR village
Granges-sur-Marly (Pierrafortscha) FR hamlet
Gruyères FR town
Hauterive (Posieux) FR special case
Jaun FR village
Jetschwil (Düdingen) FR hamlet
Kerzers FR urbanized village
Lessoc FR village
Lurtigen FR village
Mézières FR village
Montagny-les-Monts FR special case
Montbovon FR special case
Môtier (Haut-Vully) FR village
Muntelier FR village
Murten FR town
Neirivue (Haut-Intyamon) FR village
Orsonnens FR village
La Part Dieu (Gruyères) FR special case
Plaffeien FR village
Prayoud (Châtel-Saint-Denis) FR hamlet
Praz (Bas-Vully) FR village
Promasens FR village
Richterwil (Bösingen) FR hamlet
La Riedera (Essert, Montévraz) FR special case
Romont FR town
Rue FR town
Rueyres-Treyfayes FR hamlet
Salvenach FR village
Sensebrücke (Wünnewil-Flamatt) FR special case
Torny-le-Petit (Middes) FR hamlet
Vallon du Gottéron (Fribourg) FR special case
La Valsainte (Cerniat) FR special case
Villarsel-sur-Marly FR hamlet
Villars-sous-Mont FR village
Villars-sur-Marly (Pierrafortscha) FR hamlet
Villarvolard FR village
Vuippens FR special case
Vuissens FR village
Avully GE village
Bourdigny GE village
Carouge GE city
Carre GE hamlet
Cartigny GE village
Céligny GE village
Choully GE village
Compesières GE special case
Dardagny GE village
Genève GE city
Genthod GE village
Hermance GE town
Jussy GE village
Landecy GE village
Malval GE hamlet
Onex GE village
Peissy GE village
Satigny-Dessus GE special case
Sézegnin GE village
Sierne GE hamlet
Sionnet GE hamlet
Soral GE village
Veyrier GE urbanized village
Adlenbach (Luchsingen) GL hamlet
Diesbach GL village
Elm GL village
Ennenda GL urbanized village
Glarus GL city
Mollis GL village
Näfels GL urbanized village
Rüti GL village
Steinibach (Elm) GL hamlet
Ziegelbrücke (Niederurnen) GL special case
Almens GR village
Alvaneu GR village
Alvaschein GR village
Andeer GR village
Ardez GR village
Augio (Rossa) GR village
Averser Hofweiler (Avers) GR special case
Bergün/Bravuogn GR village
Bever GR village
Bodio/Cauco (Cauco) GR village
Bondo GR village
Borgonovo (Stampa) GR village
Bos-cha (Ardez) GR hamlet
Braggio: Aira/Mezzana/Miaddi/Oer/Refontana/ Stabbio GR village
Brienz GR village
Brün (Valendas) GR hamlet
Calfreisen GR village
Campi (Sils im Domleschg) GR special case
Cantone (Poschiavo) GR hamlet
Castasegna GR village
Castrisch GR village
Cavaione (Brusio) GR hamlet
Cavardiras (Disentis) GR hamlet
Chur GR city
Coltura (Stampa) GR village
Curaglia (Medel) GR village
Disla (Disentis) GR hamlet
Duvin GR village
Eidgenössische Pulvermühle (Chur) GR special case
Felsberg GR village
Fideris GR village
Filisur GR village
Fläsch GR village
Flims-Waldhaus GR special case
Fürstenau GR town
Grono con Pont del Ram e San Clemente GR village
Grüsch/Schmitten (Grüsch/Seewis) GR village
Guarda GR village
Haldenstein GR village
Igels/Degen GR village
Ilanz GR town
Jenins GR village
Küblis GR special case
La Punt (La Punt Chamues-ch) GR village
Landarenca (Arvigo) GR hamlet
Latsch (Bergün) GR hamlet
Lavin GR village
Lohn GR village
Lumbrein GR village
Luven GR village
Luzein GR village
Maienfeld GR town
Malans GR village
Medergen (Langwies) GR hamlet
Mesocco GR village
Monstein (Davos) GR village
Müstair GR urbanized village
Obermutten (Mutten) GR hamlet
Paspels GR special case
Pignia GR village
Poschiavo GR town
Prada (Poschiavo) GR village
Präz GR village
Promontogno (Bondo) GR village
Puntraschigna GR urbanized village
Putz (Luzein) GR hamlet
Reichenau (Tamins) GR special case
Reischen (Zillis-Reischen) GR hamlet
Riom (Riom-Parsonz) GR village
Rossa GR village
Roveredo con Ai Rogg, Beffeno, Carasole,
Guerra, Mot, Rugno, S. Fedele e S. Giulio
GR urbanized village
Sagogn GR village
Salouf GR village
Samedan GR urbanized village
San Carlo (Poschiavo) GR village
San Vittore GR village
Santa Maria GR village
Santa Maria in Calanca GR village
Sapün (Langwies) GR hamlet
Sarn GR village
S-chanf GR village
Scharans GR village
Schlans GR village
Scuol GR urbanized village
Seewis im Prättigau GR village
Segnes (Disentis) GR village
Sent GR village
Sils im Domleschg GR special case
Soazza GR village
Soglio GR village
Somvix GR village
Splügen GR village
St. Luzisteig (Maienfeld/Fläsch) GR special case
Stampa GR village
Stierva GR village
Strassberg (Langwies) GR hamlet
Stugl (Bergün) GR hamlet
Sur En (Ardez) GR hamlet
Tamins GR village
Tarasp GR special case
Tersnaus GR village
Trun GR urbanized village
Tschlin GR village
Tumegl/Tomils-Ortenstein GR special case
Valendas GR village
Vicosoprano GR village
Villa GR village
Vnà (Ramosch) GR village
Vrin GR village
Vulpera (Tarasp) GR special case
Waltensburg GR village
Zernez GR urbanized village
Zillis (Zillis-Reischen) GR village
Zuoz GR village
Alle JU urbanized village
Bourrignon JU village
Chevenez JU village
Choindez (Courrendlin) JU special case
Coeuve JU village
Corban JU village
Courcelon (Courroux) JU hamlet
Delémont JU town
Fahy JU village
Grandgourt (Montignez) JU special case
La Bosse (Le Bémont) JU hamlet
La Chaux-des-Breuleux JU hamlet
La Maira (Buix) JU hamlet
Le Noirmont JU urbanized village
Les Cerlatez (Saignelégier) JU hamlet
Les Forges (Undervelier) JU special case
Les Pommerats JU village
Löwenburg (Pleigne) JU special case
Miécourt JU village
Montenol JU hamlet
Montignez JU village
Muriaux JU village
Pleujouse JU special case
Porrentruy JU town
Rocourt JU village
Saint-Ursanne JU town
Soulce JU village
Altishofen LU village
Beromünster LU town
Blatten (Malters) LU hamlet
Buttisholz LU village
Dierikon LU hamlet
Dottenberg (Adligenswil) LU hamlet
Ermensee LU village
Escholzmatt LU village
Geiss (Menznau) LU hamlet
Greppen LU village
Schloss Heidegg (Gelfingen) LU special case
Heiligkreuz (Hasle) LU special case
Hergiswald (Kriens) LU special case
Hitzkirch LU village
Hohenrain LU special case
Kulturlandschaft Kastelen (Alberswil, Ettiswil, Gettnau, Schötz) LU special case
Kirchbühl (Sempach) LU hamlet
Krummbach (Geuensee) LU hamlet
Luthern LU village
Luzern LU city
Marbach LU village
Mauensee LU special case
Villenlandschaft Meggen (Meggen) LU special case
Perlen (Buchrain/Root) LU special case
Richensee (Hitzkirch) LU special case
Ruswil LU village
Sankt Urban (Pfaffnau) LU special case
Seewagen (Kottwil) LU hamlet
Sempach LU town
Sursee LU town
Werthenstein LU special case
Willisau (Willisau Stadt) LU town
Auvernier NE village
Boudry NE town
Bussy/Le Sorgereux (valangin) NE special case
Buttes NE village
Cernier NE urbanized village
Cité Martini (Marin-Epagnier) NE special case
Cité Suchard (Neuchâtel) NE special case
Colombier NE urbanized village
Cortaillod NE village
Couvet NE urbanized village
Cressier NE village
Dombresson NE village
Fleurier NE urbanized village
Grandchamp (Boudry) NE special case
La Borcarderie (Valangin) NE special case
La Chaux-de-Fonds NE city
Le Landeron NE town
Le Locle NE city
Les Brenets NE urbanized village
Môtiers NE village
Neuchâtel NE city
Saint-Blaise NE village
Travers NE urbanized village
Valangin NE town
Vaumarcus NE special case
Beckenried NW urbanized village
Buochs NW urbanized village
Bürgenstock (Stansstad) NW special case
Chappelendorf (Dallenwil) NW hamlet
Kehrsiten (Stansstad) NW hamlet
Ridli (Beckenried) NW hamlet
Stans NW town
Flüeli-Ranft OW special case
Kirchhofen (Sarnen) OW special case
Lungern OW urbanized village
Obsee (Lungern) OW hamlet
Ramersberg OW hamlet
Rudenz OW special case
Sachseln OW urbanized village
Sarnen OW city
Bibermühle (Ramsen) SH special case
Dörflingen SH village
Gächlingen SH village
Hallau SH village
Lohn SH village
Löhningen SH village
Merishausen SH village
Neunkirch SH town
Oberhallau SH village
Osterfingen SH village
Ramsen SH village
Rüdlingen SH village
Schaffhausen SH city
Schleitheim SH village
Stein am Rhein SH town
Thayngen SH urbanized village
Wilchingen SH village
Aetingen SO village
Balm bei Messen SO village
Balsthal SO town
Büren SO village
Einsiedelei (Rüttenen) SO special case
Goetheanum (Dornach) SO special case
Gossliwil SO village
Grenchen SO urbanized village
Hessigkofen SO village
Hochwald SO village
Höngen (Laupersdorf) SO hamlet
Innere Klus (Balsthal) SO special case
Kloster Beinwil SO special case
Kreuzen (Rüttenen) SO special case
Lüsslingen SO village
Mariastein (Metzerlen) SO special case
Meltingen SO village
Messen SO village
Metzerlen SO village
Mühledorf SO village
Nennigkofen SO village
Neuendorf SO village
Niederbuchsiten SO village
Niedererlinsbach SO village
Nuglar (Nuglar-St. Pantaleon) SO village
Oberbuchsiten SO village
Oberdorf SO village
Olten SO town
Rodersdorf SO village
Schloss Waldegg/Feldbrunnen/St. Niklaus SO special case
Schnottwil SO village
Schönenwerd-Niedergösgen SO urbanized village
Seewen SO village
Solothurn SO city
St. Pantaleon (Nuglar-St. Pantaleon) SO village
St. Wolfgang SO special case
Tscheppach SO village
Arth SZ village
Biberegg SZ special case
Brunnen (Ingenbohl) SZ urbanized village
Ecce Homo (Sattel) SZ hamlet
Einsiedeln SZ town
Etzelpass/St. Meinrad (Einsiedeln) SZ special case
Gersau SZ village
Grinau (Tuggen) SZ special case
Küssnacht am Rigi SZ town
Lachen SZ town
Merlischachen SZ hamlet
Muotathal SZ village
Pfäffikon-Unterdorf SZ special case
Schwyz SZ city
Seestatt SZ hamlet
Siebnen (Schübelbach) SZ village
Steinen SZ village
Ufenau (Freienbach) SZ special case
Altenchlingen (Engwang) TG special case
Altnau TG village
Alt-Paradies (Unterschlatt) TG special case
Anwil (Fischingen) TG hamlet
Arbon TG town
Aumühle (Frauenfeld) TG special case
Balgen (Egnach) TG hamlet
Berlingen TG village
Birmoos (Egnach) TG hamlet
Bischofszell TG town
Blidegg-Degenau (Sitterdorf) TG special case
Boltshausen (Märstetten) TG hamlet
Bommen (Alterswilen) TG hamlet
Bürglen TG town
Chratzeren (Frasnacht) TG hamlet
Dickihof (Unterschlatt) TG hamlet
Diessenhofen TG town
Engwang TG hamlet
Erlen-Eppishusen TG urbanized village
Ermatingen TG town
Eschenzer Becken TG special case
Farhof (Oberneunforn) TG hamlet
Fischingen TG special case
Frauenfeld TG city
Glarisegg (Steckborn) TG special case
Gottlieben TG town
Griesenberg TG special case
Grüneck (Müllheim) TG special case
Gündelhart (Gündelhart/Hörhausen) TG hamlet
Hagenwil (Räuchlisberg) TG village
Hard (Mauren) TG hamlet
Hauptwil TG village
Heiligkreuz (Wuppenau) TG hamlet
Hessenreuti TG hamlet
Hüttlingen TG village
Karthause Ittingen (Warth) TG special case
Kehlhof (Berg) TG hamlet
Kesswil TG village
Kreuzlingen TG urbanized village
Lustdorf TG village
Lütmerken (Griesenberg) TG hamlet
Mammern TG special case
Märstetten TG village
Münsterlingen (Scherzingen/Landschlacht) TG special case
Närgeten (Weiningen) TG hamlet
Niederneunforn TG village
Nussbaumen TG village
Oberneunforn TG village
Oberwangen (Fischingen) TG hamlet
Oettlishusen (Hohentannen) TG special case
Ottenberg Südhang TG special case
Ottoberg (Märstetten) TG village
Rheinklingen TG village
Roggwil TG village
Romanshorn TG urbanized village
Salenstein TG village
Schlossbereich Untersee Ost (Tägerwilen, Salenstein) TG special case
Schlossbereich Untersee West (Lanzenneunforn, Mammern) TG special case
Schönholzerswilen TG village
Sommeri TG village
St. Katharinental (Willisdorf) TG special case
Steckborn TG town
Steinebrunn (Egnach) TG village
Stettfurt TG village
Tobel TG special case
Triboltingen TG village
Trüttlikon (Buch) TG hamlet
Watt (Roggwil) TG hamlet
Weinfelden TG town
Wertbüel (Reuti) TG hamlet
Zezikon TG hamlet
Zihlschlacht TG village
Airolo TI town
Altanca (Quinto) TI village
Anzonico TI village
Aranno TI village
Arogno TI village
Arzo TI village
Ascona TI town
Astano TI village
Auressio TI village
Aurigeno TI village
Avegno chiesa e di dentro (Avegno) TI village
Avegno di fuori (Avegno) TI village
Barbengo TI village
Bedigliora TI village
Bedretto TI village
Bellinzona TI city
Berzona TI village
Biasca TI town
Bidogno TI village
Bignasco TI village
Biogno (Breganzona) TI hamlet
Bissone TI village
Bordei (Palagnedra) TI hamlet
Borgnone TI village
Boschetto (Cevio) TI village
Bosco/Gurin TI village
Brè (Lugano) TI village
Breno TI village
Brione Verzasca TI village
Isole di Brissago (Brissago) TI special case
Broglio TI village
Brontallo TI village
Brusata (Novazzano) TI hamlet
Brusgnano-Freggio (Osco) TI village
Brusino Arsizio TI village
Cabbio TI village
Calonico TI village
Calpiogna TI village
Campo Vallemaggia TI village
Campora (Caneggio) TI hamlet
Carona TI village
Casima TI village
Caslano TI village
Castagnola (Lugano) TI special case
Castel San Pietro TI village
Castelrotto (Croglio) TI village
Cevio/Rovana (Cevio) TI village
Chiasso TI special case
Chironico TI village
Cimadera TI village
Cimalmotto (Campo Vallemaggia) TI village
Ciona (Carona) TI hamlet
Comologno TI village
Corino (Cerentino) TI hamlet
Corippo TI village
Cortignelli (Peccia) TI hamlet
Costa (Borgnone) TI village
Curio TI village
Dangio (Aquila) TI village
Dongio TI village
Faido TI urbanized village
Figgione (Rossura) TI hamlet
Fontana (Airolo) TI village
Fusio TI village
Gandria TI village
Cantine di Gandria (Gandria) TI special case
Giornico TI village
Golino (Centovalli) TI village
Gresso TI village
Indemini TI village
Intragna TI village
Iseo TI village
Largario TI hamlet
Lavertezzo TI village
Ligornetto TI village
Linescio TI village
Lionza (Borgnone) TI village
Locarno TI city
Loco TI village
Lugano TI city
Magadino-Rivabella (Magadino) TI village
Melano TI village
Mendrisio TI town
Meride TI village
Moghegno TI village
Moleno TI village
Monte TI village
Morcote TI village
Mosogno di sotto (Mosogno) TI hamlet
Muggio TI village
Muzzano TI village
Navone (Semione) TI hamlet
Olivone/Solario (Olivone) TI village
Origlio TI village
Orino/Ronge (Malvaglia) TI village
Osco TI village
Osignano (Sigirino) TI hamlet
Palagnedra TI village
Piotta (Quinto) TI village
Pontirone (Biasca) TI village
Ponto Valentino TI village
Prato (Prato-Sornico) TI village
Preonzo TI village
Primadengo (Calpiogna) TI hamlet
Quinto TI village
Rancate TI village
Rasa (Intragna) TI village
Riva San Vitale TI town
Ronco (Quinto) TI village
Rossura TI village
Rovio TI village
Russo TI village
Sala-Capriasca TI village
San Bartolomeo (Vogorno) TI hamlet
Ospizio del San Gottardo (Airolo) TI special case
Chiesa di Sant' Abbondio (Gentilino) TI special case
Chiesa di Santa Maria d' Iseo (Vernate) TI special case
Convento di Santa Maria del Bigorio (Sala-Capriasca) TI special case
Monastero di Santa Maria (Claro) TI special case
Scudellate (Muggio) TI village
Semione TI village
Sessa TI village
Sobrio-Ronzano (Sobrio) TI village
Someo TI village
Sonogno TI village
Sonvico TI village
Sornico (Prato-Sornico) TI village
Stabio TI town
Tengia (Rossura) TI village
Torello (Carona) TI special case
Val Bavona (Bignasco/Cavergno) TI special case
Val Malvaglia (Malvaglia) TI special case
Verdasio (Intragna) TI village
Verscio TI village
Villa (Bedretto) TI village
Villa (Coldrerio) TI village
Altdorf UR city
Amsteg (Silenen) UR special case
Andermatt UR village
Bauen UR village
Bürglen UR village
Dörfli (Silenen) UR hamlet
Erstfeld UR urbanized village
Flüelen UR urbanized village
Göschenen UR urbanized village
Gurtnellen-Wyler (Gurtnellen) UR special case
Hospenthal UR village
Maderanertal Berghotel (Silenen) UR special case
Aigle VD town
Aran (Villette) VD village
Aubonne VD town
Avenches VD town
Begnins VD village
Bougy-Villars VD village
Bugnaux (Essertines-sur-Rolle) VD hamlet
Bursins VD village
Burtigny VD village
Caux (Montreux) VD special case
Château de Chillon (Veytaux) VD special case
Châtelard (Lutry) VD hamlet
La Chaux (Cossonay) VD village
Chavannes-sur-Moudon VD village
Chez-les-Aubert (Le Chenit) VD hamlet
Colombier VD village
Combremont-le-Petit VD village
Coppet VD town
Cossonay VD town
Cotterd (Bellerive) VD hamlet
Cuarnens VD village
Cully VD town
Denezy VD village
Eclépens VD village
Epesses VD village
Etoy VD village
Féchy VD village
Ferreyres VD village
Flendruz (Rougemont) VD hamlet
Gimel VD village
Givrins VD village
Grandcour VD village
Grandvaux VD village
Granges-près-Marnand VD urbanized village
Gryon VD urbanized village
Haras fédéral (Avenches) VD special case
Huémoz (Ollon) VD village
Jouxtens-Mézery VD special case
L'Etivaz (Château-d'Œx) VD hamlet
L'Isle VD special case
La Forclaz (Ormont-Dessous) VD village
La Ville (Ormont-Dessus) VD hamlet
Lausanne VD city
Lavigny VD village
Le Bévieux (Bex) VD special case
Le Lieu VD village
Le Pont (L'Abbaye) VD village
Le Séchey (Le Lieu) VD village
Le Sentier (Le Chenit) VD urbanized village
Le Solliat (Le Chenit) VD village
Les Posses (Bex) VD village
Leysin VD urbanized village
Lonay VD village
Lovatens VD village
Lucens VD town
Luins VD hamlet
Lutry VD town
Marchissy VD village
Mex VD village
Mollens VD village
Montet (Cudrefin) VD village
Montreux VD special case
Mont-sur-Rolle VD village
Morges VD town
Moudon VD town
Noville VD village
Nyon VD city
Ogens VD village
Ollon VD village
Orny VD village
Oron-le-Châtel VD special case
Pampigny VD village
Payerne VD town
Perroy VD village
Poudrerie fédérale (Aubonne) VD special case
Prangins VD village
Pully VD urbanized village
Riex VD village
Rivaz VD village
Rolle VD town
Rossinière VD village
Rougemont VD village
Saint-Livres VD village
Saint-Prex VD town
Saint-Saphorin VD village
Saint-Saphorin-sur-Morges VD village
La Sarraz VD town
Sassel VD village
Savuit (Lutry) VD hamlet
Tartegnin VD hamlet
Taveyanne (Gryon) VD special case
Territet/Veytaux (Montreux et Veytaux) VD urbanized village
Trey VD village
Treytorrens VD village
Treytorrens (Puidoux) VD hamlet
Vallamand-Dessous (Bellerive) VD hamlet
Vernand-Dessus (Lausanne) VD special case
Vers-l'Eglise (Ormont-Dessus) VD village
Vevey VD city
Veyges (Leysin) VD hamlet
Villarzel VD village
Villas Dubochet (Montreux) VD special case
Villeneuve VD town
Vinzel VD hamlet
Vufflens-la-Ville VD village
Vufflens-le-Château VD special case
Vullierens VD village
Yens VD village
Yvorne/Vers Morey VD village
Albinen VS village
Ammere/Gadme/Wiler (Blitzingen) VS hamlet
Ayer VS village
Barmüli (Visperterminen) VS hamlet
Bidermatten (Saas Balen) VS hamlet
Biel VS village
Bitzinen (Visperterminen) VS hamlet
Blatten VS village
Blatten (Naters) VS village
Bodma (Bellwald) VS hamlet
Bodmen (Blitzingen) VS hamlet
Bodmen (Mund) VS hamlet
Bourg-Saint-Pierre VS village
Bramois (Sion) VS village
Branson (Fully) VS hamlet
Brig VS city
Bruson (Bagnes) VS village
Burge (Törbel) VS hamlet
Le Châble (Bagnes) VS village
Commeire (Orsières) VS hamlet
Conthey-Bourg/St-Séverin (Conthey) VS special case
Eggen (Betten) VS hamlet
Eggen (Simplon) VS hamlet
Eischoll VS village
Eisten VS village
Eisten (Blatten) VS hamlet
Ernen VS village
Erschmatt VS village
Evionnaz VS village
Evolène VS village
Fäld (Binn) VS hamlet
Feld (Törbel) VS hamlet
Feschel VS village
Finhaut VS special case
Fontenelle (Bagnes) VS hamlet
Geschinen VS village
Gletsch (Oberwald) VS special case
Gluringen VS village
Goppisberg VS village
Grand St-Bernard (Bourg-St-Pierre) VS special case
Greich VS village
Grengiols VS village
Grimentz VS village
Les Haudères (Evolène) VS village
Hérémence VS village
Isérables VS village
Kippel VS village
Lana (Evolène) VS hamlet
Lens VS village
Leuk VS town
Liddes VS village
Mâche/Mâchette (Hérémence) VS hamlet
Martigny-Bourg (Martigny) VS town
Martigny-Ville (Martigny) VS city
Mase VS village
Médières (Bagnes) VS village
Miéville (Vernayaz) VS hamlet
Mühlebach VS village
Münster VS village
Naters VS urbanized village
Neubrück (Stalden) VS special case
Niedergesteln VS village
Niederhäusern (Visperterminen) VS hamlet
Niederwald VS village
Obergesteln VS village
Oberstalden (Visperterminen) VS hamlet
Pinsec (St-Jean) VS hamlet
Plan Cerisier (Martigny-Combe) VS special case
Rarner Chumma (Raron) VS hamlet
Raron VS village
Reckingen VS village
Ritzingen VS village
Saillon VS town
Saint-Gingolph VS special case
Saint-Jean VS village
Saint-Maurice VS city
Saint-Pierre-de-Clages (Chamoson) VS village
Sarreyer (Bagnes) VS village
Schmidigehischere (Binn) VS village
Selkingen VS village
Sembrancher VS town
Sierre VS special case
Simplon-Dorf (Simplon) VS village
Simplon-Pass (Simplon) VS special case
Sion VS city
Stalden VS village
Törbel VS village
Le Trétien (Salvan) VS hamlet
Turtig/Wandfluh (Raron, Bürchen, Eischoll) VS special case
Turtmann VS village
Ulrichen VS village
Unterstalden (Visperterminen) VS hamlet
Vens (Vollèges) VS hamlet
Venthône VS village
Vionnaz VS village
Visp VS town
Vissoie VS village
Vollèges VS village
Vouvry VS village
Wasen (Bitsch) VS hamlet
Weissenried (Blatten) VS hamlet
Berchtwil (Risch) ZG hamlet
Cham ZG urbanized village
Kloster Frauental (Cham) ZG special case
Kloster Gubel (Menzingen) ZG special case
Hofsiedlungslandschaft Schwand (Menzingen, Neuheim) ZG special case
Fabrikanlage Lorzenweid (Cham) ZG special case
Meisterswil/Talacher (Hünenberg) ZG hamlet
Neuägeri (Unterägeri) ZG special case
Niederwil (Cham) ZG village
Schönfels/Felsenegg, ehem. Hotelanlagen (Zug) ZG special case
Spinnerei an der Lorze (Baar) ZG special case
St. Wolfgang/Wart (Hünenberg) ZG special case
Ufersiedlungslandschaft Risch/Buonas (Risch) ZG special case
Zug ZG city
Andelfingen ZH village
Bauma ZH urbanized village
Berg am Irchel ZH village
Blitterswil/Juckern ZH special case
Bocken Landgut ZH special case
Bülach ZH town
Burg (Meilen) ZH hamlet
Dägerlen ZH hamlet
Dürstelen ZH hamlet
Eglisau ZH town
Elgg mit Schloss ZH town
Ellikon am Rhein ZH hamlet
Feldbach/Schirmensee ZH special case
Feuerthalen ZH urbanized village
Freudwil ZH hamlet
Girsberg mit Schloss ZH hamlet
Glattfelden ZH village
Greifensee ZH town
Grossholz/Grüt (Mettmenstetten) ZH hamlet
Grundhof/Mörsburg ZH hamlet
Gründisau ZH hamlet
Grüningen ZH town
Guntalingen ZH village
Hauptikon ZH hamlet
Hermatswil ZH hamlet
Hinter-Uttenberg ZH hamlet
Horgen ZH urbanized village
Husen mit Schloss Wyden ZH hamlet
Husertal ZH hamlet
Spinnerei Jakobsthal (Bülach) ZH special case
Kappel/Näfenhüser ZH special case
Kirchinhard ZH village
Kyburg ZH village
Schloss Laufen ZH special case
Lützelsee ZH hamlet
Marthalen ZH village
Maschwanden ZH village
Mülenen (Richterswil) ZH special case
Mutzmalen ZH hamlet
Neerach ZH village
Neuthal ZH special case
Oberrifferswil ZH village
Oberstammheim ZH village
Oberteufen mit Schloss ZH special case
Oetikon ZH urbanized village
Oetwil an der Limmat ZH village
Ossingen ZH village
Otelfingen ZH village
Ottenhusen ZH hamlet
Pfäffikon ZH urbanized village
Pfungen ZH village
Rafz ZH village
Regensberg ZH town
Rheinau mit Kloster und Klinik ZH special case
Richterswil ZH urbanized village
Rudolfingen ZH village
Rüti mit Untertann ZH urbanized village
Landgut Schipf mit Seeuferhang ZH special case
Seegräben ZH village
Stadel ZH village
Tüfenbach ZH hamlet
Unterstammheim ZH village
Uster ZH urbanized village
Wald ZH urbanized village
Waltalingen mit Schloss Schwandegg ZH village
Wangen ZH village
Wasterkingen ZH village
Weissenbach ZH hamlet
Wellenau ZH hamlet
Wiesendangen ZH village
Winikon ZH hamlet
Winterthur ZH city


The types are based on the Ordinance and consolidated/translated as follows: